Thomas Jefferson on Immigration, 1780

The US is STILL the best place on the planet to live. The opportunity for opportunity's is far greater than anywhere else in world history.

And it should be treated as such.

Current, and recent, politicians and their employed minions, act like entry to the US is the equivalent to cheap plastic shopping bags, given away with no regard to any and all.

It is not their's to give.

There should be a steep entry fee, held in escrow, and very heavy restrictions on all that move here permanently, for a period of no less than 10 years.

Any and all infractions to the restrictions results in forfeiture of the entry fee and immediate, within 30 days maximum, expulsion to their original country, and a stern warning to never try to enter again.

The existing citizens of the US should not be hindered in any way by the rules set forth pertaining to immigration nor the immigrants themselves.

If the US cannot make a profit from immigration through human currency then immigration should not exist.

We do not need immigrants nor shall we bear their burden. We already have more than enough diversity and multiculturalism to last 100 lifetimes.

It is past time for all adult US citizens to grow up and start behaving as adults, especially the rule makers.

The silly children's party is over.

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Wow Ghost, best comment of the month.

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