DEPOSITION: Testimony Concerning The LibProgPC Sickness

Don't think too much about what's at the end of that long newspaper spoon. I suppose it's a cable television spoon these days, and the juice is all the more mesmeric for the moving images, bright colors, and quick cuts.

Posted by mushroom at October 17, 2016 12:17 PM

I don't know how I managed to double post. Sorry.

Posted by mushroom at October 17, 2016 12:18 PM

It seems to me the LibProgPC disease has an endless bottom up supply of subjects. They own the education system and the media.

Posted by Terry at October 17, 2016 12:29 PM

It starts at the bottom, with the children, in the schools, and through the media they are exposed to.

The indoctrination is subtle, but not so that it can be overlooked. It is there for all to see, but the viewer must be willing.

For those today (that have long broken free) it is obvious. In your face even.

The intent is to keep children as children all of their lives.

Untrustworthy, immature, children.
From birth to death.

Posted by ghostsniper at October 17, 2016 1:04 PM

I voted for Ford in the first election in which I voted. I have never voted Democrat although not always Republican. I have always been forced to vote against a candidate rather than for anyone.
I detest any who imagine authority over me.
I am 7th generation Native Texan. I recognize no royalty and feel only contempt for those who think they are owed anything by right of birth.
I am not a good follower. I tend to wander away alone...
Please yourself because nobody else can.

Posted by Odins Acolyte at October 18, 2016 9:53 AM

we will crush them

Posted by ck at October 20, 2016 7:58 AM

What the Progs have forgotten is that democracy is instituted to keep the masses from having to resort to killing the rulers in order to replace them.
If the Progs insist on cheating democracy and causing it to fall into disfavour, we shall have to got back to killing our rulers in order to get new different rulers and policies.

Posted by Speller at October 21, 2016 11:08 AM