Comments: The gist is this: humans aren’t biologically designed for rich food, yet in its presence we have no defense,

There's nothing that raises the BS flag like "humans aren't biologically designed..."

Posted by edaddy at October 12, 2016 6:13 PM

It's probably marketing and the media's fault that food has become so over rated. Stay away from them things and you'll even out in awhile.

No, you don't *need* 3000 calories a day like they tell you. Much much less, maybe 1500. And if you sit on your fat ass all day then probably less than 1000.

Like most people these days you've probably been programmed from birth to engulf 3 whole meals per day and lots of other stuff in between. The American Way!


Yes. EVERYTHING makes your ass look fat, because it IS! Even your couch makes your ass look fat! Riding around in a giant vehicle (to get more food) makes it look even bigger.

I bet you spend $200 a week on food plus eat out at least 3-4 times per week don't you? I bet $50 of it goes toward sugar.

Well there ya go, look at that 10lb bag of Domino's and envision it smeared all over your couch shaped ass. Next time you're in Kroger and your cart turns down the baking aisle by itself and stop at the Domino's by itself too, imagine your ass and that couch - identical twins forever.

It starts with you.
Consume less, do more.
Peace, out.

Posted by ghostsniper at October 12, 2016 7:45 PM

Malarkey. People are designed to eat undamaged animal and plant stuff. The idea that its not normal to eat meat is some kind of weird religion. That's all.
I don't think I buy fifty dollars worth of sugar in a year...

Posted by pbird at October 13, 2016 10:23 AM

America became great with men eating bacon and eggs and beef and potatoes. And smoking and nicotine. Almost every famous person you've ever heard of (and most you haven't heard of) lived on this kind of diet. And they drank stuff too. They launched missiles into space and to the moon. Every console in the LCC had an ashtray. KSC was full of cigarette smoke everyday all of the time while men were going to the moon. Women were secretaries and men were engineers. And engineers eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. How do I know? I was there. They built ships, big ships. They built bridges. They got out and did stuff. Everyday. After having bacon and eggs for breakfast, leftover meatloaf sandwiches for lunch and roast beef and mashed potatoes for dinner. Mashed potatoes and rolls with gravy and real butter. It's possible that a few of them did not live as long as some of the vegan flowers but they lived more glory in one Apollo launch than any vegan flower or SJW will live their entire, sad, pitiable lives. There were no safe places in engineering. Only constant, grueling, never ending math problems. That most of them only mastered after long, grueling, constant application and study. And they didn't go out drinking on Friday night because they sat all week in a classroom full of sissies talking about feelings. After Friday night drinking and several hamburgers and sleeping in Saturday they spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday doing math. Then they went into the chem lab Monday and blew stuff up. Then they became rocket scientists, engineers, jet pilots, astronauts, technicians, electricians and plumbers. Then worked their butts off for 40 years. There ain't no rocket scientists who subsist on lettuce.

Posted by Larry Geiger at October 13, 2016 10:44 AM

You have stated the problem, Mr. Geiger. One can't live a sedentary life and do a sedentary job like people do nowadays and eat like the people you described and stay healthy.

And you can't make America great either....

Posted by pfsm at October 13, 2016 2:24 PM

"It’s crazy, but I can’t get them thinking in terms of prevention."

When you're lying about fats and animal products it shouldn't be any wonder that they tune you out.
When the majority of doctors are silent or complicit about murdering perfectly healthy babies for money and convenience, trust becomes an issue.
Just stick to writing those drug prescriptions and we'll trust you, at least that far.

Posted by Speller at October 13, 2016 2:55 PM

Good for Speller. And Geiger!

Posted by Pbird at October 13, 2016 3:36 PM

The thing is we are all different, genetically different. If you have diabetes it is genetic your food didn't cause it. But your food causes the symptoms and the progression of the genetic disease that you have. So of course with limited information about what is actually happening it is logical to think that the diet caused the disease. If eating sugar or refined carbs were actually harmful then of course everyone who consumed them would die young from one of the many diseases we attribute to them. But if anything the exact opposite is happening, Americans live longer every year and healthier too.

Cancer is a disease (mostly genetic) of old age. The simple cultures eating simple food don't get cancers as much as Americans do because they mostly die young from some other serious disease that Americans do not get. So if you can ignore the fact that these cultures die at an average age of 45 then yes indeed their simple diet "seems" to be better.

Fad diets are gratifying. it feels good to give up meat and truly believe you are smarter and will live longer healthier lives than a meat eater. You won't! You will die in a nursing home neglected by your kids at age 79 or so like everyone else unlucky enough to not have a massive heart attack in your sleep first.

Don't get me wrong. Your diet is very important. If you have a genetic illness that is adversely affected by diet and you ignore this and eat things you should not eat it will not go well. However if you listen to some guru who wrote a book about the latest fad and are thus convinced you now know it all you are simply delusional.

Posted by GoneWithTheWind at October 13, 2016 6:25 PM

"...Americans live longer every year..."

What is dying, an event or a process?


My FIL developed colon cancer at 70 then a host of other malady's and spent the next 10 years in the process of dying while the medical establishment observed and supposedly learned - though I'm not convinced. My mother was almost the same, but longer. 100 years ago both would have succumbed much sooner in the absence of $1Bil hospitals.

Moderation is probably a big part of longevity.
Too much of anything can hasten your life.

"Dyin' ain't much a livin', boy."
--ojw, 1865

Posted by ghostsniper at October 14, 2016 6:48 AM

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Posted by Johnf65 at October 15, 2016 3:20 AM

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