Boomer Anthems: Coming to America

Neil Diamond. LOL. No.

Posted by pbird at September 10, 2016 9:21 AM

This is not some random or unforeseen event. Our country is being sold and our wealth (and by that I mean the middle classes wealth) is being redistributed. A few million (2-5 million, who knows) people come into this country legally every year and perhaps 1-2 million illegally. Everyone of them gets paid; gets free stuff. Do you pay taxes? Most of them do not. Do you get food stamps, free housing, cell phones, free health care, etc.? They all do. who pays for it? Not the government and UN officials who oversee this invasion. Not the rich with their tax lawyers and offshore accounts. Not the unions the churches or the many many tax exempt organizations who facilitate and profit from this selling of America. YOU DO. The middle class. You give your jobs, your taxes, your future, your children's future, your children's place in college (that YOU pay for), everything. If in the entire century only 1 million of them were to come into this country YOU would have to shell out over a trillion dollars in that 100 years to pay for all the free stuff. How much will you pay for the millions and millions and millions who are flooding into this country now? The number is very large and too complex to compute so I will round it off to "everything you got". You don't see it all that clearly but it's happening. Attend a school board meeting because I can assure you that the immigrant parents are attending them. See how they are spending your money and how they intend to spend more in the future. On election day spend the day at the poles. Get comfortable, maybe bring a camera, but sit and watch who goes in. You will see many people who cannot speak English, some/many who are not citizens, if you watch carefully you will see groups bussed in and "guided" by a political (Democrat) handler who has told them who to vote for. Soon it will be more obvious to all what is going on but by then it will be too late. Once you and your fellow "Americans" can no longer elect someone to represent you because you are out numbered it will be too late to reverse this invasion. It is over... You just don't know or understand it yet.

Posted by GoneWithTheWind at September 14, 2016 2:56 PM