Florida. On one hand, no personal income tax. On the other hand....

This year's maintenance budget will have a slight increase, to cover the cost of the Barrett .50 cal rifle, requested by the greens-keeper.

Posted by Will at May 31, 2016 5:23 PM

You'll notice it's on a golf course. Most of them have names given them by the regulars. Usually they'll stick to their regular water hazard and most folks tend to aim for the other side of the fairway.

Posted by Roy Lofquist at May 31, 2016 6:44 PM

Choot 'im, Lizbeth! Choot 'im!


Posted by Jim at May 31, 2016 7:21 PM

[cue Kenny Loggins, "I'm Alright"]

Posted by Rich Fader at June 1, 2016 6:34 AM

Faster than a horse for the first 50 feet.

Posted by ghostsniper at June 1, 2016 9:55 AM

Faster than a horse for the first 50 feet.

very good, that's survival info. I was thinking that as I watched that old fool filming the 'Dino walk'. Did he realize that that thing sees objects to the side, very well?

If the show 'Walking Dead' ever gets down to Florida they may find no or few WD and fat 'gators.

Posted by John The River at June 1, 2016 1:58 PM

.50 cal? Nothing bigger than a .243 and someone that can shot will do the job. What you want is someone to skin and butcher that beastie for the BBQ roast on the 19th tee. That one will feed most of the Club.

Posted by Vermont Woodchuck at June 1, 2016 2:34 PM

Doesn't taste like chicken. More like a weird kind of fish. Kinda spongey too, maybe the way it's cooked. Like turtle if you ever ate that. The stuff I ate was smoked and grilled. Didn't care for it, didn't care for shark either.

Posted by ghostsniper at June 1, 2016 2:43 PM

And Dave said "Here, hold my beer and watch this."


Posted by Badco at June 1, 2016 2:57 PM

That gator walked around like he owned the place, and maybe he did.

Posted by Snakepit Kansas at June 2, 2016 4:23 AM

Well, of course, a number of lesser calibers would suffice. The Barrett allows for a measure of portability, that say, the M242 Bushmaster would not. The upside is that with the two-fo-two, the crew would just have to wait for the buzzards to clean up, and then re-sod, rather than having to heft and lug the dino to the dumpster.

Posted by Will at June 2, 2016 7:02 AM

He likely speeds up play on the course as duffers probably dont spend much time looking for lost balls.

Posted by Dave J at June 2, 2016 8:13 AM

I prefer no state income tax, thanks. The gators don't bother you unless you do stupid stuff like swimming in ponds or taking shortcuts through swamps. On golf courses, you can see them easily as long as you aren't dead-set on retrieving the ball you hit into the water hazard. On the other hand, gators can help reduce crime. Late last year, a burglary suspect fled into a lake while being chased by the cops. It didn't end well for the perp.


Posted by waltj at June 2, 2016 3:36 PM