Demosthenes, On Enemies Far and Near

Whoa, dude! I'm tempted to drag out my KJ and look up references to "headiness" and "vanity" on the Old Testament. It occurs to me that there's an absence of shame. Ted Rall makes some reference that he hopes Ronald Reagan is in hell, and then figures he deserves to be responded to with reasonableness and nuanced logic. Michael Moore produces a movie that's a travesty of documentary traditions, and that even embarasses Gwen Ifel, yet he seems as proud to be the papa of the heap of steaming junk.

It's not that they don't deserve opinions, or even radical views. It's that they have to clutch or brakes. They can't modulate. They'll race their engines until the wretched metal screams, exploding like a bomb, with sound and fury and no momentum whatever.

Got rope?

Posted by Scott at June 28, 2004 12:20 AM