The Trumpening

And this is in deepest indigo Massachusetts, no less.

Posted by Darkwater at January 5, 2016 11:11 PM

It's like John Anderson 1980 all over again!

Posted by Ed at January 6, 2016 8:20 AM

Ed: There is a difference. A big one. Anderson had absolutely no chance of winning, Trump will win.


The photograph says it all. He managed to fill the place on a cold winter's night in a state that is so bleu that it's almost ultraviolet. I know some "establishment Republican media" types have tried to blow this off as being "Romney 2.0" or just that the people attending the event are "stupid Trumpkins". The problem with that is the vast difference in the men and the message.

Most importantly, and this is what is truly driving the foaming at the mouth viciousness out of both parties, is what their internal polls are telling them. They are telling them that Trump is consistently drawing about 20% of the Hispanic and 25% of the black voters away from ANY Democrat candidate. Those numbers do not hold up with any of the other Republican candidates and the two Democrats left in the field are repulsive to the vast majority of Americans of all colors. The Democrats know that there is no way they can steal this one because they can't raise that many people from the dead. Trump is also drawing vast support from people who've voted for Republicans over the past two decades because the Democrats have gone full blown Maoist totalitarian for lack of a better term. They have tried mightily to strike him down and are discovering that, as Obi-Wan said, he is becoming more powerful (and popular) then they could imagine.

Why does this terrify them so?

A combination of reasons. (This is a partial list)

1. Trump is not "beholden" to anyone in either party or to the Washington royal court bureaucrats. He is their worst nightmare for they cannot control him. Like the Honey Badger he doesn't give a crap about what they think, say or do and he isn't going to put up with it. There is nothing the MSM can trump up (pun intended) on him that would surprise or sway anyone either. Trump's life is a known entity and, in case they haven't noticed, no one is listening or watching the MSM anymore.

2. Watch that Bill Whittle video that Gerard linked a couple months ago about Trump- .

3. Conditions will continue to deteriorate both nationally and internationally. All you have to do is look at the events of the past week to get an idea of the future.

»The Paris massacre and the New Year's Eve event in Cologne. The European people have had enough and will start to fight back despite the best efforts of their governments to stop them. The liberal elitists are freaking out over there for they are seeing the beginning of a volcanic backlash against them and their Islamist proxy army. A backlash they are beginning to realize they can't stop.

»The NorK's blowing off a hydrogen bomb (thanks Bill and Jimmy) combined with the Chinese economy imploding and their increasing sabre rattling in the South China Sea.

»The Islamic Civil War will continue to worsen and is already overflowing across the world like a plugged up toilet. I would not be surprised to see a regional nuclear war occur this year. Obama, Hillary and the rest of the European and American "progressives" have certainly made a mess out of that...They drove gasoline tankers into that fire with their ineptitude and lunacy. I also will not be surprised to see a massive attack on an American city, either. One that will make 9/11 look like a sparkler at a fireworks show.

»The Civil War Obama and the leftist/liberal/progressives have been pushing will continue to heat up. The problem with that is that it is backfiring on them and, instead of realizing this and backing down, they're going to double down. This will not end well for them but they will cause a great deal of damage before they're shut down.

»The economy. If you think the last couple of years have been bad you ain't seen nothing yet.

The list could go on and on...

In summary the world is changing and the feces is about to hit the fan. As Fangorn said "I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air."

We ALL feel it.

The 20th century political parties and their minions fear it because they fear they are going to lose power and be chucked on the ash heap of history (where they belong, BTW).

People all over the world feel it, too. Especially in the countries that comprise what is referred to as "western civilization"-Europe and the Anglosphere. We are being propelled into a fight for our very survival. The ones who should be doing all to protect us and fight for us (our governments) are the ones who have allied themselves with the people who want to destroy us and are doing everything they can to achieve our destruction.

This incomplete and somewhat rambling post tries to explain why Trump is doing so well and would win. Trump is a smart guy, no matter what the chattering classes think. I would not be a bit surprised to hear that he's working on placing himself on the ballots in all 50 (or 57 as Obama thinks) states as an independent. If I were him I wouldn't trust the Republican party as far as I could throw it.

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Crap! Sorry for the double post!

Posted by Nahanni at January 6, 2016 11:25 AM

Might be worth reading twice!

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It might be rambling Nahanni but you've truly captured the moment. Good on you.

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