On Media Ghouls, American Decency, and the 1000th Soldier

Well said. There is nothing to add to a well written and perfectly expressed piece.

Posted by op at September 7, 2004 8:45 PM

(BTW, good to see you back, GvL--missed your essays last month!)

On topic: You probably saw Glenn Reynolds' post on this subject, but if not, here it is--

[quote] Here's an email I got from one Daniel Burosh, who opposes the war, in connection with a recent bombing in Iraq:

I Guess the baby soldier body parts flew just EVERYWHERE! Imagine the game:

"Look Abdul, I found an arm!"

"Here's a couple of ears!"

"Gee, Mustafa. I think a found a scrotum, and the ball are still inside!"


Hoo-ray! 985 and counting... When it hits 1000, my friends and I are going to PAR-TAY! [end quote]

Posted by Connecticut Yankee at September 7, 2004 11:17 PM

Unfortunately, Conneticut Yankee, I suspect that some of the media mavens and intellectualoids have decided that if they mention 9/11 too much, we proles might get angry enough to ignore their "wise" advice completely. Americans are OK as victims, especially if the Annointed Ones can us them to remind us of our many "sins," but resolute, fighting, and (heaven forbid!)patriotic Americans are simply beyond the pale...

PS - check on my site tomorrow for my own personal reflection on 9/11...

Posted by Liz L at September 8, 2004 12:19 PM

In a society of victims, a soldier dying in combat is--- just another victim.

That's the tragedy.

Posted by urthshu at September 8, 2004 1:33 PM

There is a cancer rotting the bones of America. I don't know the exact origin of its onset but it may have had its genesis in the counter-culture revolution of the 60's when the power of the "people" brought down the US policy of actively fighting communism in SE Asia. The established media of the left saw an oppurtunity to use the infant consciousnes awakening of the twenty something generation of that time to wrest the power popularly as it could not do so politically. While this may have been a brilliant stroke for the power players in the Fourth Estate it has left them with a misconception that power in our country is derived from perception rather than from the ability to garner enough votes to elect legislators that will advance their agenda. This by-passing of the heart of the American political process lead the popular press, that eventually became the propaganda organ for the Democratic Party, to seek other ways to subvent the political process in America. Thus we see the rise of activist judges in the higher courts who have interpreted Americans into a PC nation that can't seem to see clearly any more that "is" really means is and webster defines it sufficiently without any further interpretation. This PC can be likened to the first spots of melanoma to show up that reflect something deeply wrong within our organism. Where are the people with "true grit" in America? Please stand up and be counted this Nov. 2nd!

Posted by Donald at September 8, 2004 4:56 PM