Notes Made on 11 September 2001

Your post is very moving - thanks for the powerful reminder of why we can't forget.

I don't dare forget 9/11, because I'll need the "pilot light" of sorrow and anger to keep my resolve burning as I face whatever lays ahead.

I don't want to forget 9/11 for one reason; I want to remember the heroism so many New Yorkers showed on that day, which deserves to be remembered as long as history is written.

I have a poem on my site, if anyone's interested...

Posted by Liz L at September 11, 2004 9:43 AM

Yea.How many people are viling to built memorials to
those bearers of terror.For how many those terrorists are heros,in USA in Canada,in Europe.Sad side of story is that there is no protection against them.How helps not to forget?This is no romance.This is war.Poem can be strong,but what we need is posibilietes to use AK 47.

Posted by Al.Dr. at September 10, 2005 9:12 PM