Comments: The primary problem with the post-American populace

It's Stockholm Syndrome. The "nice" people war-game what resistance to The Left would mean, conclude they wouldn't like what might happen, so they sit down and wait for magic or someone else to stop the decline. The Left hasn't just taken over the country, we've fled the battlefield AND given them our minds as well. Their media is unwatched, yet we multiply it's reach by studiously monitoring every second of it, and trumpeting it to our side.

The Left demands X, and we invent some rule that happens to mean in this case X might be the outcome. There is no rule, there never was a rule. The Left makes demands and we just surrender and mask that surrender with some self-invented rule. No matter how many times we "discover" the rule must not be what we thought, because that would dictate Y, we still keep referring to some rule that ought to bind The Left. The Left isn't advancing any rule or bound by any rule, other than They Win.

We argue about rules, extrapolate the rule into the future, see future bad consequences from the rule, and think we've done something. The Left is personally and deliberately gunning for you. You won't find a place to hide, you won't be left alone. You won't moderate such they don't think you are a threat. You are a threat simply by being here and no amount of fairness, preemptive explanations about peace, love, and understanding will spare you the treatment they give to their worst opponents. The people The Left have targeted in the past weren't targeted because of some excess measure of opposition to Leftism, but because of ANY opposition to Leftism. The Lukewarm Republicans, in D.C. and in Mayberry, are helping The Left destroy this country and as long as you believe you or someone else can stop The Left with clever tactics in moderate ways you are giving aid and comfort to those that surrender to every fight with The Left. You get no credit for being the first or last to rush to condemn some Republican politician. You will get no credit for being the first or last person to have an opinion on the Confederate flag. You will get no credit for welcoming or blocking illegals inside the country. If you are 1% less Leftists than Party Secretary Obama, you will be treated as if you were Party Secretary Obama's sworn mortal enemy. You are/will be targeted by The Left no matter what so you might as well fight back and take some of them out before you're gone.

Being "the last Jew to understand where the cattle cars are headed" isn't something to be proud about.

Posted by tscottme at July 6, 2015 10:56 PM

"But for the sake of the discussion, another problem with the former United States is the fact that the post-Christian, modernist cancer has so thoroughly metastasized. Any notion of geographical boundaries representing a sufficiently clean ideological compartmentalization is pure delusion. Every urban area will be its own discrete theater. There is no "Mason-Dixon Line". Take Wichita, Kansas for example. One might be tempted to think that central Kansas, bordered on the south by Oklahoma, would be a "gimme". No way. Wichita is a cesspit and stronghold of the rap/hip-hop culture, which is, of course, the Stepin Fetchit of the Washington DC regime. Every urban area is poisoned. Only the tiniest rural towns could establish a physical perimeter without sealing the enemy inside."

It'll be a bar room brawl with the lights turned out.

Thus do I pray that this is defused before it comes to violence.

Posted by John Condon at July 7, 2015 12:39 PM

Not enough of us know enough or care enough to organize enough and persevere enough to achieve or rescue and protect our human nobility.

Posted by Stug Guts at July 7, 2015 3:26 PM

Facetiousness and cynicism are the symptoms of a hopeless humanity, lacking an enlightened point of view.

Posted by chasmatic at July 8, 2015 7:30 PM

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