Above Your Head, Right Now There Are 140 Trillion Oceans: Want to Take a Swim?

See? ain't those Californians a bunch of whiners? They have the biggest ocean in the world next to them.
They have all that water underground and now, over their heads as well.
They're always bragging about how frikkin' excellent they are, got the world by the short hairs.
All they do is sit home on the couch whimpering or go out and steal somebody else's water.
Land of opportunity, oh yeah, sure is. it seems like a curse to me. Can't wait until the San Andreas gets frisky.
Time to put up or shut up, Cali. I know, why don't you just buy some from the Chinese?
Get all them commie movie stars to pony up some cash, help their brothers.
Yeah, lip service is good for just that, if they swallow.

Posted by chasmatic at June 15, 2015 8:36 PM