Garland: The Aftermath But Not "The End"

First off: Twitter can suck it! No one of sound mind supports you in relaying terrorist messages.

Second: Gerard, you are fighting the good fight and I'm out here applauding you. I read here daily and this is the nexus for online parody and it keeps more people straight than you can possibly know. Keep it up!

Third: Texas! Proof positive that you do not bring your JiyWad silliness to a serious gun fight.

Posted by Casey Klahn at May 11, 2015 5:57 PM

That giant blob of shit in a camo'd halloween costume. The gov't sure knows how to pick em.

"Right in front through the back of your skull."
--Harvester of Eyes

Posted by ghostsniper at May 11, 2015 7:26 PM

An off duty cop engages and (with a pistol only) smokes two dirt bag terrorists armed with AK's and body armor. Although the action does not qualify for the Medal of Honor, the dude is my hero. Period.

Posted by Snakepit Kansas at May 11, 2015 8:09 PM

This outcome was probably caused by the same effect that a couple of Iraqi vets I know have cited for their survival:
"Inshallah" - the fatalism built into Islamic culture by the concept "If Allah wills it".
Point the gun in the general direction of the foe and pull the trigger. Don't need to aim, God's on your side.

Both guys said they worried about IEDs, not getting shot. One described being shot at by a guy who, to quote the teller, was "holding a 20 foot group".

Posted by bud at May 12, 2015 12:56 PM

Mess with the bull, get the horn, Hajji.

Attention ISIS: bring it on. This is not some soft-ass, pacifistic Unitarian wonderland, nor is this France. This is Texas. We know exactly what to do with varmints like you. We've been putting chicken-stealing little vermin like you in lonely cold holes in the ground for five hundred years.

The national bird of Texas is the mockingbird, mimus polyglottos. The mockingbird is a beautiful and beneficial creature, an eater of pests, a guardian of nests, and the most beautiful singer of all birds. Admired from a respectful distance, the mockingbird is a living symbol of tranquility and natural beauty.

But approach a mockingbird with impunity, or threaten its territory, nest, eggs, or young, and this small symbol of beauty becomes a flying chainsaw -- a feathered, airborne ball of claw and beak and beating wings. Fearless in defense of its own, the mockingbird can and will take on any creature it deems a threat. If you do not believe that a two-ounce mockingbird can drive off three and one-half pounds of red-tailed hawk or sixty pounds of bobcat, just come to Texas and you will see that it can. From hawk to human being, the mockingbird fears nothing.

Yet this fierce creature is not a bird of prey. It devours seeds, small fruit, and of course many, many pests, but it does not hunt for prey. It merely defends its own.

There's a reason we Texans chose the mockingbird as our symbol. Like the mockingbird, we are devoted to nest and offspring, and we will take on -- and take down -- anyone who we feel poses a threat to same.

So the next time one of you Jihad Jockeys thinks about shooting or blowing up a bunch of Texans, consider the mockingbird -- and go be a murderous, degenerate bastard somewhere else.

لا تعبث مع تكساس.

Posted by B Lewis at May 12, 2015 11:01 PM

ghost, that's a harsh call on that cop. "... That giant blob of shit in a camo'd halloween costume ..."

Take a closer look, that ain't fat. that's seventy pounds of equipment and body armor and he's been on his feet all day, ready to get shot at, perhaps killed.
That's his job. He is not an idealist, going out there to face Evil forces. He's a working man. Just like the off-duty cop that capped the bad guys. I sure don't think of him as Jackbooted.

C'mon, you talk like you have had some really bad experiences with law enforcement.
Be interesting to hear about them.

Posted by chasmatic at May 13, 2015 12:02 AM

Pam Geller is a notorious Jewish provocateur, looking to get a bunch of goyim killed by some ragheads (see also: 9/11) and so tighten the Zionist deathgrip on America. That said, free speech is free speech and she exercised same. & Congrats to the righteous, straight-shooting cop who gooded the 2 goathumpers. The NYT has become a parody of itself: "butbutbut they hadn't killed anybody yet!" LOL

Posted by Haxo Angmark at May 13, 2015 1:51 AM

So who the hell blew up the car? Was it a Jihdi IED or did the bomb squad set off a Disrupter? That car was blown to smithereens. I know a debris field when I see one. Very interesting!

Posted by Roger in Republic at May 13, 2015 11:17 AM

Roger, it wouldn't take much set the gas tank off, best bet is the idiots' IED.
Those two couldn't find their ass with their hands tied behind their backs.

Posted by chasmatic at May 14, 2015 6:24 AM