"Steel Boils at About This Temperature:" Global Warming Comes Back with a Vengence

But it's a dry heat.

Posted by Leslie at January 30, 2015 8:15 AM

Steel boils at 2862 °C or ​5182 °F.

I assume the temperatures on the map are in Fahrenheit.

Posted by Fat Man at January 30, 2015 6:21 PM

"don't even bother looting.."

Posted by Leslie at January 30, 2015 8:20 PM

I've been in Phoenix before when it was pretty hot, but nothing like this.

Posted by waltj at January 31, 2015 5:06 AM

This video was filmed by agents of Emperor Kragon The Ruthless of the Fifth Dynasty of Crustaceans.
Their home planet has a mercury atmosphere and no solid surfaces. The entire planet is molten.
Several years into a battle plan to conquer Earth we can find their agents morphed vaguely into human form.
The best defense is to always carry a garage door opener.

Posted by chasmatic at January 31, 2015 7:23 AM