Patience: The ‘Inception’ of Artists’ Books by Randi Parkhurst

Beautiful; but rather empty, really. It seems to be all about "showing" the business involved. Lookee at what I can do!
I can certainly appreciate the wonderfully talented effort and skill that must've gone into the thing; but in the end, isn't paper for reading or drawing, and books for reading for pleasure and learning?
"Book artist", forsooth! Craft for craftiness' sake, more like.
If there had been at least something inscribed on all that beautiful paper the "piece" would interest me more.
I'll take a bookbinder over a book artist any ol' day.

Posted by Mal at January 15, 2015 9:54 AM

My uncle Louie Lozko, we all called him "Letsgo Lozko", he raised bantam chickens.
He fancied himself as some sort of artist and one winter he made a scale model of the Eiffel Tower with toothpicks.
His next project was to be a flying model of the "Spruce Goose" but Hughes's lawyers stopped him, patent infringement, so forth.

Posted by chasmatic at January 15, 2015 8:55 PM

My uncle Letsgo, while raising bantam chickens, had enough time during the Winter to construct a scale model of the Titanic using popsicle sticks.
He told me it wouldn't float. I liked him better when he crafted his own accordion.

Posted by chasmatic at January 16, 2015 12:45 PM