Everything Wrong with Feminism in 8 Minutes or Less

Good God. (Get your kids out of government schools- especially universities).

Posted by Leslie at January 2, 2015 4:20 PM

That is some annoying video.

Here's more of Jay talking about what it is like to pretend being a woman. That's just if you want to annoy yourself further.

Posted by Mike at January 2, 2015 4:36 PM

I made it to 1:59, and it wasn't easy. I'd love to interrupt one of these girls just to call her a dumb tit.


Posted by jwm at January 2, 2015 5:05 PM

Alright, go make me a sandwich

Posted by bill at January 2, 2015 5:08 PM

I think I managed to get to about 4 minutes. Here's the main problem with feminism. Bat shit crazy broads: They hate men but they want to appear mannish. So men set their standards. They hate the feminine and motherhood so they mutilate themselves and murder their children. They aren't natural to any life form in existence. They have to create feminists since no woman would truly want to be one. Being feminist means being perpetually angry and sexually disoriented. Outside of the realm of the modern university there is no place for them.

Posted by Jewel at January 2, 2015 5:51 PM

The local "feminists" at my old-folks ranch have recently tried to get everybody stirred up (again) about the prospect of the administration installing wi-fi in the newly remodeled community building.

Their published manifesto is as follows:


The World Health Organization classifies wifi as a possible carcinogen.

Do you suffer from headaches, rashes, brain fog, trouble sleeping, depression, unexplained anxiety, or rapid heartbeat? If so, you may have EMF poisoning.

Wireless routers emit EMF that are especially harmful to elders.

Any addtion to 'electro-smog' is damaging to residents.

EMF sensitive residents should be listened to and respected for their opinions.


Provide EMF sensitive residents with accommodations for their needs.


"Batshit crazy" seems to pretty much cover it. There's a small coterie of these aging dykes who spend most of their time, apparently, writing and handing out little sick-making paeans to their various members, hymning their courage for having left various husbands and children. That's who the children in that video will be when they finally figure out a way to live out their old age on the dole.

I fink I may fwow up.

Posted by Rob De Witt at January 2, 2015 6:45 PM

Hmm. Sounds like an old solution needs to be revived regarding the folks in the video: Put 'em on a giant fizzie and push them out to sea.

(wow. I just checked and fizzies are still made.)

Posted by OldFert at January 2, 2015 9:10 PM

Feminism vibes losers.

Posted by chasmatic at January 2, 2015 10:00 PM

Jewel is right on all counts..

The only thing feminists have going for them is the will to destroy, something they have in common with most people who hate truth.

That is the disconnect that those of us on the other side of sanity have in our understanding of all things left. We either were born without that capacity or weeded it out sometime during the course of our pursuit for truth. We simply do not comprehend on a meaningful level the will to destroy.

Posted by Bill Henry at January 3, 2015 1:08 AM

Losers have low self-esteem. a loathing of themselves, and they project that onto anyone around them, either to bring others down to their level or to commiserate, wallow in self-pity. that way of thinking is compatible with Left Wing politics. We ain't no good so we'll bring everyone else down to that level.

Lowest Common Denominator, the operative word is "lowest".

Posted by chasmatic at January 3, 2015 5:34 AM

Now that was a group of seriously confused people. White privilege, capitalism, not fair.....That gal with the blue lipstick must have gotten dropped on her noodle as a baby. Loco loco!

Posted by Snakepit Kansas at January 3, 2015 6:51 AM

Even worse. All the sciences, all the arts, every worthy and creative endeavor has for 50 years, been sieved through feminist aparatchiks. All of men's creative energies have been medicated and shamed into silence. True women, the kind who actually want to have babies and husbands are scorned and shamed. Reproduction is a disease to be cured with pills and abortion. Women are now exalted who can become a caricature of men, and men are likewise hailed as the very definition of heroic, for wearing his mommy's underwear.
Look at the "ministrices of defense". These are the women in charge of Europe's military forces.

The Cossacks of Zaporozhian are, even as we speak, penning a letter of surrender. God have mercy on us all.

Posted by Jewel at January 3, 2015 7:10 AM

"I bathe in male tears"

How could anyone argue that this bitch does not need a "chasmatic" left hook?

Posted by Denny at January 3, 2015 10:09 AM

Women inside out. All twat, no soul.
I know a young woman who says she wants to "marry a rich man, keep the house clean and squeeze out a couple of kids" She has NO idea how revolutionary she is. How those girls would hate her!
I laugh every time I think of this girl mentioned above

Posted by pbird at January 3, 2015 10:31 AM

Implied if not stated outright is the way males are being emasculated who live with single parents, almost always the mother.
They have no role models since uncle Ralph who likes NFL and goes camping is forbidden access to the child.
The father shows up to take the boy for a weekend and he hasn't shaved, ugh, and when the kid gets home mommy grills him about the where when and why of going to a stock car race or baseball game or, God forbid, a gun show.
The kid is beat before he gets pubic hair, wouldn't know how to treat a woman if his life depended on it. He doesn't and it does.

Posted by chasmatic at January 3, 2015 11:28 AM

As per Denny: these females need a good hard punch in the face.
Celebrate Assholes Get a Punch in the Face Day.

Posted by chasmatic at January 3, 2015 11:30 AM

Any one still wonder why male Muslims have no desire to assimilate and join The Secular Multi-Culti Feminist West?

What is there to join? Who wants to be a part of that?


Posted by Gray at January 3, 2015 12:11 PM

I think the real takeaway from all this is that people who wear ugly bangs and loud lipstick should be avoided at all costs. Goodness gracious.

Posted by Cindy at January 3, 2015 5:29 PM

Oops. Sorry about that.

Posted by Cindy at January 3, 2015 5:30 PM

That must be it, Cindy.

Posted by Jewel at January 3, 2015 8:09 PM

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