It she's anything like my mother in Redding, she'll not only ask for two bounces, she'll cheat, too. Have fun!

Posted by slimedog at November 18, 2004 11:51 AM

how good for you

Posted by hanan at November 19, 2004 10:15 PM

Mr. Van der Leun,
Upon your return, would you please see if something can possibly be done with your 50 Reasons page? I highly awated being able to read the comments on it after the election, but found it to be copying over itself and virtually unreadable. It's warming to know that America seems to be gaining a conscience once again; something that both my parents ingrained deeply within me while they were busy raising their family. Thank you for yours (conscience), for your fairness, and your inner strength to speak your mind.

Posted by Scout Mom at November 21, 2004 2:46 PM