Democratic Dementia Rising: Victims in the Night

You may not have intended your quip about fertilizer stores literally, but that's where this mentality leads. Picture ten thousand Unibombers. If the economy sours, or if the Middle East War widens to Iran or Syria, there's no telling how far some of these sweet, pacific folks might go.

Posted by Alan Sullivan at November 29, 2004 4:07 PM


Posted by dave at November 29, 2004 5:25 PM

I'd like to hear how 56 million people didn't vote for Kerry.

Posted by scarshapedstar at November 29, 2004 6:24 PM

GvdL and Alan Sullivan-- You are so right about the potential for trouble from angry "pacifists"-- here is a link (courtesy of one of the posters at LGF) to a news item about a murder/suicide involving these folks:

The story: "Southern Activists Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide":

"In an apparent murder-suicide, virginia activist Niklan Jones-Lezama murdered activist Sue Daniels, set fire to the cabin Daniels was residing in, and then slit his wrists on the evening before he was scheduled to attend to the annual SOA protests in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Both Nik and Sue were active around varous social justice issues, such as opposing war in the Middle East, oppression in Central America, and violent mountaintop removal in Appalachia. The two had spent several months in federal prison last year due to their participation in the annual School of the Americas protests in Georgia....

[Sue's] presumed murderer, Niklan Jones-Lezama of Blacksburg, VA 38, was married to a Nicaraguan Sandinista, Claudia and had two sons, Emilio Jose and Omar Eli. He was a past co-coordinator for the Coalition for Justice in Central America; 1987 Witness for Peace/Fellowship of Reconciliation/Buddhist Peace Fellowship delegate to Nicaragua and Honduras. He was also part of fact-finding delegation to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala and an intern with Global Issues Project in Haiti. He was currently helping to build a local chapter of the Colombia Support Network and was a Re-evaluation co-counselor, studying and practicing healing touch and reiki energy therapies for the past four years.

People who knew the two said that in the past, Sue had sought protection from Niklan who had developed an unhealthy romantic preoccupation with her. Authorities (allegedly) denied her request for a restraining order and mutual friends failed to adequately respond.

Another friend close to the community Nik and Sue were involved in reported that Sue had unsuccessfully sought a police restraining order from Nik and had an emergency response team of friends who were on-call and ready to show up immediately if Nik came around. These people also were completely shocked by what happened and had no idea that Nik's instability was this serious and dangerous."

Feel the love.

Gerard, once again, thank you for this blog.

Posted by Connecticut Yankee at November 29, 2004 7:11 PM

Yikes! That was a frightening read. Note how she lumped minorities and gays in with children. That says a lot about how she thinks of those in the first two categories.

Posted by Juliette at November 29, 2004 7:16 PM

Ah yes, the amazing Welberts, I remember them, uh, well, for their wonderful hive mind.

Keep up the good work, Boswell.

Posted by Richard Bennett at November 30, 2004 1:56 PM

A first rate Fisking. Lord help us if these Jacobins ever get hold of the reigns of political power.

Posted by Tongueboy at December 1, 2004 9:31 AM

I blame Gans.

Having walked away from Welltopia a good four or five years ago, I'd always wondered how they were dealing with the strain of being more marginalized with each passing day of the Bush Administration (and their increasing irrelevance in a world where they haven't just lost the title of "Most Influential Online Community", but have fallen so far below the noise floor that hardly anyone even knows they exist).

I can't say I'm surprised to learn they've been acting pretty much the way I expected they would.

Posted by Aaron at December 1, 2004 9:56 PM