Fish Highway

How do you open the tanks to clean and feed without the water surging out of the tube? How do you keep any air bubbles out? Neat idea, but how is it engineered? I see a disaster in the making.

Posted by Bill at November 30, 2004 7:06 PM

This is not a pure product of America, not quite. If there is a version 2.0 that provides the fish with tiny motorized assists, and if these assists are given an automobile or rocket theme, then it will be a pure product of America.

I mean, this thing could be made in Italy, or Japan.

Posted by jaed at December 1, 2004 1:10 AM

Am I just paranoid, or does that look like a disaster waiting to happen?

"Fish Highway, oh Fish Highway
Wrapped in lucite over the love seat
Keep that guy with the nunchaku
Away from the the old Fish Highway,
'Cause judging from them bruises,
He don't look too skilled to me, baby."

Posted by Uncle Mikey at December 1, 2004 5:19 AM