His Finest Moment

Would be wonderful to have some embedded reporters with the latest, uh, whatever they are calling that activity in which airplanes fire missiles and drop bombs on people with guns and missles on the ground, in Syraq or whatever that place is/will be called. But alas, the ex-Gitmo guests, much like their Missouri cousins, don't much care for non-caliph scribes.

Posted by Will at September 23, 2014 8:30 AM

I there were an honest reporter, Teh Won would have more respect for the populace, and might possibly realize how stupid he looks when he lies.
*I* believe HE thinks we are too stupid to realize when he tries to prevaricate, and won't notice the contradictions. It's either that, or HE is too stupid to realize or remember what he has said.

"If you don't lie, you don't have to remember what you said."(and to whom)

Posted by tomw at September 23, 2014 10:00 AM