Disarming the Warriors

This policy was started under BJ Clinton. GWB never saw fit to change it, and weakness inside the military is a feature not a bug of this so-called Commander-In-Chief.

Instead of routinely and reflexively voting for budget CRs the GOP could, if it ever thought something was important, attach an amendment to the budget to make changes. Instead Boehner sits in his office and raises campaign funds to support RINO traitors and makes excuses for doing nothing.

It matters a lot more whether you elect Conservatives than whether you elect Democrats or Republicans. And, for the record, the Libertarians have done nothing in 50 years but legalize pot in a couple of states and repeal motorcycle helmet laws in a couple of states. Libertarians, first among all groups, have no answer for people that won't play by the rules, unless you count running away as an answer. The most influential ideology inside Libertarianism is pushing to collapse the whole system so we can start over.

Posted by Scott M at April 11, 2014 6:04 PM

When you volunteer to join an armed force, you give up a lot of constitutional rights. Trial by jury becomes non-judicial punishment or court marshall is one example. Free speech constraint is another. Widespread carrying of arms on a military installation is dangerous because of proficiency at arms. Consider how many soldiers were hit by a handgun at extended range in the most recent Ft. Hood shooting. After 26 years in Army with a brother still on active duty, we have no answer for soldier suicide.

Posted by Tom at April 12, 2014 6:40 AM