Psychopath Checklist

Reads like a check list to become a Democrat.

Posted by Terry at April 22, 2014 11:15 AM

One well-known Democrat in particular.

One who just flew coast to coast to "comfort" the people of Oso, Washington... and didn't bother to learn how to pronounce the name of the town correctly.

Posted by Ray Van Dune at April 22, 2014 4:45 PM

As Shrillary would say, "O,so what difference does it make at this point?"

Posted by Jewel Atkins at April 22, 2014 5:00 PM

As one author put it--forget Anthony Hopkins, Silence of the Lambs, as the classic psychopath. Think instead of Hugh Grant in his most charming role.

The con is everything

Posted by Estoy Listo at April 22, 2014 6:03 PM

I know a few. I'm related to at least one. They are everywhere.

Posted by Sushisistah at April 23, 2014 4:44 PM