Sultan Knish: Game Called on Account of Darkness

The Left has been at it far far longer than 40 years. And the fact is, American workers want too much money, pensions, benefits, vacations for less work and the American consumer demands cheap imports,.. from China or anywhere. As Romney said, we're on our way to Greece and Obama is laughing all the way. REVENGE. The black voting block and their slave masters, the Democrats did this. It wasn't rocket science. Or a battle. We bent over and let them do this to us. For what? White. Guilt.

Posted by RedCarolina at November 7, 2012 12:11 AM

There will be no change until we shitcan the current GOP and put a group of people in office that force a path by not giving in to scare ploys.

Vote Libertarian/TEA Party.

Posted by Peccable at November 7, 2012 3:03 AM

Peccable, you miss the point of the Sultan Knish essay. It's far from enough to say "vote Tea Party" when so much of the electorate has been "educated" into liking and wanting a gargantuan, big-brother welfare state.

Posted by pst314 at November 7, 2012 6:10 AM

Reason the left wins is same reason Islam is uncaring and relentless, Cthulhu-like. It will not stop, until you are absorbed.
Fighting it is so contrary to conservative, even Christian, principles, we fear becoming them in order to stand against them.
Saul Alinksy dedicated his book to the right guy.

Posted by stephen b at November 7, 2012 6:54 AM

There is no difference between the republicrats and the democans, they are one party working together appealing to two clients who don't pay enough attention to what is going on. Each client claims they are better informed because of their sources as each of the sources spews misinformation.

Wake the fuk up, you have been asleep for far too long, used like a tool as the ruling class walks all over you.

Posted by Banned Name at November 7, 2012 7:12 AM

I wonder what will happen when the 53% stop providing for the 47%.

Posted by Jewel at November 7, 2012 8:15 AM

Jewel at November 7, 2012 8:15 AM: I wonder what will happen when the 53% stop providing for the 47%.

They (we) can't. They (we) will be made to.

Posted by b Lewis at November 7, 2012 8:33 AM

Only if we comply, B. At some point we won't be able to comply.

Posted by Jewel at November 7, 2012 10:08 AM