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And yes, this team understands how to campaign.

Voldemort MUST BE destroyed,

Posted by Sandy Daze at August 30, 2012 6:35 PM

If you make important decisions like you are a bored teenager and it is someone's job is to make you happy you should feel lucky you have any place to live.

Young voter: Stop asking me if I would jump off a bridge if everyone else was jumping off bridges. I was told the unicorns would catch us.

Wise voter: And you think the problem is a shortage of unicorns or following crowds?

Young voter: shut up.

Karl Rove: We need to reach out to young voters. How hard can it be to find a unicorn?

Posted by Scott M at August 30, 2012 10:36 PM

Let the kids moving back in to mom and dad's condo put this on their walls. It won't give them hope or change, but it will remind them that magickal thinking doesn't work.

Posted by Jewel at September 2, 2012 12:36 PM