The Palin Fetish: How Liberals Expose Themselves by Trying to Expose Sarah Palin

Zo tells it like it is. We need to clone that kid!

Posted by RedCarolina at October 1, 2011 2:54 PM

He's not a jackass. He's trying to push the race issue in a new direction. I've followed him for a while now. He's not a jackass. This is far more racy than his normal stuff, but he's hitting the Left at the very heart of their hypocrisy. And I think his market is a young market. Hard-hitting stuff, yes.. but have you been paying attention to the garbage black youths get fed??? This is just his style, maybe out of necessity. He's probably catching it from both extremes. I will never fault a black conservative who is willing to step out of the cultural norm, one that is deep-seated and extremely complex.. and if you don't believe that, consider our last presidential blunder. How the hell did we get here? How the hell did the Left manage to demonize Sarah Palin for far lesser "sins" than a rumored relationship with a minority? Hell they demonized her simply for giving birth to her special needs son. The "tone" of this video was satirical. I think Palin would find it a shame that it has to even be addressed, and who but a black conservative could address it? The feminists?? Not a chance. Palin herself? Ha! It had to be an edgy black conservative personality. In my opionion, the end was an attempt to appeal to his young adult market in a healthy, sexy way. Let's face it, it wouldn't have worked with a black girlfriend. And he couldn't address this topic at all in any other way because the accusation is asinine, just as all the other Palin attacks.

Posted by RedCarolina at October 2, 2011 2:06 PM