Charles Mackay, 1858: “A corrupt republic is tainted in its blood, and bears the seeds of death in every pulsation.”

Hillary, for whom the LIE is virtue, wades through life covered in the glue of intrigue. All the crap of the planet sticks to her, and any good she comes across gets corrupted into further intrigue.

Democrats deserve her - America does not.

Posted by Mike at October 19, 2016 7:53 AM

No one deserves Hillary. This is what she made of herself. Lucky,are'nt we?

Posted by Nori at October 19, 2016 10:07 PM

I wonder how many, in these united states, can read those words and understand them explicitly?

The nations blood has become cancerous, there is no cure.

Posted by ghostsniper at October 20, 2016 1:05 PM

No need to despair. The maggots will feed on the corruptive rot in our body politic until they burst.
The body will survive, changed, weaker temporarily, and more wary in the future.
As always, we may expect new disturbances of our system.

Suck it up
Muck and mire
Never flag, never tire.

Posted by Howard Nelson at October 20, 2016 8:27 PM