You know, I've been doing this for almost 9 years. I need a vacation.

Well, except for Charles Johnson, who was taken over by some alien life form . . .

Posted by Joy McCann/Miss Attila at April 8, 2011 11:05 AM

Have a great vacation, Mr. Vanderleun. Take lotsa pics, and don't drink the water.

Posted by Jewel at April 8, 2011 2:44 PM

The Puppycat says to stretch out on the deck in the sun and ignore feet. Then wander around, explore food dishes for tasty meals in strange places, returning for a good nap in the comfort of known surroundings.

He's only 8 months old but worldly in such matters, knows what time it is and adamant about the proper time for the formal evening meal.

Posted by Peccable at April 8, 2011 5:38 PM

Thank you for your clear-headed thinking and fine writing. Send us a postcard now and then, and enjoy yourself.

Posted by Deborah at April 8, 2011 7:21 PM

Refresh, relax, refill the tanks of your imagination. This site is always a bright spot in my day. Looking forward to hearing the the new tales you will have to tell.


Posted by jwm at April 8, 2011 9:27 PM

It isn't Bastille Day yet and this isn't France. But 9 years without a break? I think I remember a few breaks in there somewhere.

Have fun and catch some tasty rays wherever you go.
As for the rest of us, back on your heads.

Posted by David at April 9, 2011 6:48 AM

Hasta winnebago, and wave if you pass Utah. Would love a cuppa with you.

Shucks, would even skip politics and current events as subject matter and instead stick to Utah travelogue info, if your itinerary included our fair state.

Thanks for all you have done.

Posted by TmjUtah at April 9, 2011 11:16 AM

I'm just back from a few weeks of lolling about on a beach. Has done wonders for my attitude. This respite, whatever it might be, (I do recommend some sunnier clime - this has been a ghastly winter here in Puget Sound) will no doubt do same for you. Enjoy!!

Posted by Jimmy J. at April 9, 2011 11:18 AM

I know you were planning to join me and the Wons in Williamsburg, butt that vacay was kiboshed. I'll tweet you when Big Guy decides where we're going and when. Have fun!

Posted by MOTUS at April 9, 2011 12:31 PM

Sorry I'm late on this, but ... you know. Anyway Gerard, I'm rather stunned to learn that we began blogging on nearly the same date (April 2, 2002 for me). I can only guess at how many other great blogs (I do not include mine) I've missed over time? Who need movies, or even libaries any more. 10 stars for you.

Posted by Rodger Schultz at April 15, 2011 7:46 AM

Thank you, Roger. That's high praise coming from you.

Posted by Vanderleun at April 15, 2011 7:57 AM