The Current Russian Method of Dealing with Somali Pirates: Seize, Search, Blow Up, Burn to the Waterline

Hey! They're not green!!

Posted by Casca at February 23, 2011 11:31 AM

Prior to this incident, the Russians had captured 11 pirates onboard a Russian-flagged tanker.
They put them on a lifeboat 300 miles out to sea and 'released' the pirates.

Posted by Uncle Jefe at February 23, 2011 11:36 AM

Separating the men from the boys.. I wish America could do that.

Posted by RedCarolina at February 23, 2011 11:39 AM

If a person is apprehended while committing acts of piracy they should be tried in front of a shipboard tribunal and, if found guilty, executed immediately after "debriefing". Walking the plank has historically been an effective and inexpensive method of eliminating pirates, particularly if they were "in a condition" that would be conducive to attracting sharks when they hit the water. Keelhauling was another method, but ships were much smaller in the past and would be rather labor intensive on today's large seagoing vessels.
I also believe that our Commander in Chief could authorize the captains of US Naval vessels to hold aforementioned tribunals and executions, as long as the acts of piracy had taken place in internatonal waters and if the apprehending ship remained in international waters until justice had been delivered. This would, of course, be predicated by the necessity that we had a CinC with a set of balls, which unfortunately we do not seem to have at this point in time.

Posted by Roger Drew Williams at February 23, 2011 11:44 AM

Not pretty? It's an absolute thing of beauty.

Posted by ck at February 23, 2011 12:40 PM

Too bad these Russians weren't from the Red Army of 1945.

Posted by Captain Dave at February 23, 2011 1:24 PM

Otlichno! Wonderful!

Posted by Jewel at February 23, 2011 3:08 PM

In international relations, a country can be the strong horse or a weak sister. There is no other choice.

Posted by pfsm at February 23, 2011 5:16 PM

Bravo Zulu, Ivan.

I'm still resigned to our President apologizing for the unreasonable expectations exhibited by the four late Americans murdered by Islamist pirates this week.

He's about a week behind and 180 degrees out on any issue I could mention.

We are in a lot of trouble.

Posted by TmjUtah at February 23, 2011 7:06 PM

I like!

Posted by rickl at February 23, 2011 8:57 PM

Don't expect BO to be doing anything like that any time soon.

Posted by Fat Man at February 23, 2011 9:32 PM

did you hear at about 3:10?? sounds like an american voice that says.. "Show me the money"??? or was i hearing things??

Posted by Bill Henry at February 23, 2011 9:49 PM

The voice may be one of the russians' in timbre, but the accent is totally gone as he says "show me the money" and then "show the money". But then again, what would a russian accent sound like when saying that.

Posted by Daniel at February 24, 2011 4:50 AM

I hope the pirates were still on the ship when it blew up.

Posted by Hangtown Bob at February 24, 2011 7:33 AM

Hangtown Bob

You can bet your sweet bibby.

Posted by Frank P at February 24, 2011 7:44 AM

Made my day

Posted by Obamamosque at February 24, 2011 8:34 AM

Piracy was and still is considered a crime against all lawfully constituted nations and an insult to God. As Roger aptly sums up above, Captains have the traditional right to deal with pirates as they see fit, and your typical captain of old was no girlie-man who shrunk from fast, rough justice.

It is God's business to deal with the souls of those - now obviously deceased - pirates. Our job is to protect the innocent and defend the rule of law. Even a starving Somalian can chose to dig in the earth for grubs instead of eating the bread of torture and death. There would be no shortage of Navy and Marine volunteers to wipe piracy from Somalia, sea and shore, if only we had a leader with the guts to give the order.

Posted by raincityjazz at February 24, 2011 9:06 AM

My memory's a little hazy about my former Navy days, but I seem to recall that the penalty for Piracy was immediate execution, as in, immediately, right now, no judical review, etc. Done and gone. We can sit around on the dirt and debate whether or not that's in everyone's best interests, but I don't think international law has changed.

Posted by Big Mo at February 24, 2011 10:03 AM

That was so beautiful, it brought a tear of joy to my eye.

Posted by Grizzly at February 24, 2011 3:16 PM

amazing ... I understand a little Russian ... who knew?!

Posted by DeAnn at February 25, 2011 6:28 AM

A few more countries with balls doing that, and piracy would become a non issue.

Posted by pdwalker at February 25, 2011 7:20 AM

Gerard, where's the "not pretty" part? I must have missed it. This is basically how to deal with pirates, although the Russians should have been a bit firmer with them. If we don't have the stomach for this, then we have no business conducting anti-piracy patrols.

Posted by waltj at February 25, 2011 11:08 PM

I don't find the collection of small arms compellingly damning - if I were fishing in those waters I'd have a collection of small arms close at hand as well. But a) that's a lot of people to be running a fishing boat, b) I didn't see any fishing gear on deck, and c) those boarding ladders ....

Posted by RonF at February 28, 2011 11:59 AM

I hope to God they DID leave those muslim vermine on board their ship when blowing it up. They sure as hell don't deserve to live. I say we need to take this aproach to all somali pirates. Identify them as pirates, blow their ship (WITH the vermine still on bard). If any of the vermine makes it off the boat then it's time for target practice with the machine guns. Nothing wrong with extermining vermine. Go russians!!!

Posted by Danny at January 28, 2014 9:13 AM