Something Wonderful: We Build the Ladders by Which We Climb.

On what possible planet can you link this disgusting flick with apparent approval of its overpaid tax funded civil servants doing manufacturing in competition with the private sector?

Wooden ladders are a necessity because of low hanging wires? Really? Is that why electricians mostly use fibreglas? Fibreglas? What dat? Dat is what you can buy at Home Depot for probably a tenth of the cost these Fire department crooks are piling up.

There are a million, billion fibreglas ladder plants in the USA, and an equal number of carpentry shops happy to make wooden ladders. Pick a wood, from oak through ash to mahogany, it gonna be cheaper if made by Joe's Woodworking.

The flick blew me away with its ignorance of the real, physical, mechanical world and its unquestioning acceptance of the BS these firedudes put out. "This is Douglas Fir". Yes? And? This is a horses ass too stupid to know about materials. The film maker accepts 15 years to acclimatize wood for a ladder? Dolt. Fool.

Posted by Fred Z at November 7, 2010 10:21 PM