The Traitors of Britain's National Association of Muslim Police

Recruiting large numbers of barbarians into your armed forces is dangerous.

Imagine that.

Posted by Arminius Cherusker at January 22, 2010 2:04 PM

Arminus Cherusker

We have the quaint custom in Britain of not (yet) routinely arming our Police Officers. But your sardonic point is well taken.

In any case the civil police here are unrecognisable from the police that existed 20 years ago. Recruiting criteria are now risible, training has been corrupted with political correctness, Bramshill National Police College is infested with Gramsci disciples as academic staff and the discretion of the individual police officer on the street has made way for paramilitary type line management. The powers of arrest have been diminished and the power of prosecution completely usurped by the "Crown Prosecution Service" which is in fact now a ludicrous title, as HM QEII has been stripped of all but Ruritanian powers and the CPS is the tool of partisan politics - hence a virtual Stasi has been formulated. Many British laws are trumped anyway by Brussels as more and more of our sovereignty is handed over to the EUSSR. We are in the grip of neo-Marxist strategies. Our current 'Prime Minister' is a classic Asperger's case who usurped his predecessor Tony Blair without submitting himself for election - he was a shoo-in by a Marxist cabal. Tony Blair himself was an Obama-type Trojan Horse and has walked off with a very large Golden Handshake and tops it up by lecturing in your colleges and claims fat fees on your rubber chicken circuits and elsewhere in the gullible world of personality politics to talk absolute bollocks. I understand from American friends that the ladies love his posh English accent (which really isn't posh at all - it is affected).

As I say so often on this and other US blogs: learn from our terrible mistakes; your electorate was gulled by the Obamessiah; it would appear from the Massachusetts result that once again the sleeping tiger has woken. Eat your Trojan Horse whole and slay his cargo; don't do what our ovine electorate did and vote them in three times for neo-socialism on false promises. It is utterly toxic.

Glen Beck made a neat little documentary tonight; we have had much more detailed exposure over here about the dangers of communist and Islamic creep and its mass murderous consequences. Our dumb hoi polloi were watching East Enders or X Factor instead. You still have time and I pray that you act wisely. You are the last hope of Western Civilisation. This Septic Island is a goner. Sad, considering what we have achieved together over the past seven decades or so, most of which I personally remember - born in the reign of George V.

Posted by Frank P at January 22, 2010 6:13 PM

Isn't this a bit like assaulting Omaha beach with a platoon of Waffen-SS "volunteers"?

Posted by StephenB at January 22, 2010 7:46 PM

A very illuminating comment, Arminus. I've put an extract in the post. Thank you.

Posted by vanderleun at January 22, 2010 8:02 PM

Isn't this a bit like assaulting Omaha beach with a platoon of Waffen-SS "volunteers"?

Ahh, yeah. Can't be sure which way the guns are pointed. Along those same lines, maybe it's better that the Brits don't arm most of their police, what with all the mooselimbs in the ranks and their dubious loyalties. Best to keep the guns with SO13 and Special Branch, who presumably have undergone more rigorous vetting. At least, I hope they have these days.

Posted by waltj at January 23, 2010 3:46 AM

Actually Gerard, you have attributed my above comment to Arminus Cherusker, apparently. Now if you did that on purpose, to teach me a lesson and stop me bloviating - fair enough, can't say I blame you. But just sayin'! ;-)

Posted by Frank P at January 23, 2010 6:04 AM

Oops, that was a mistake. Correcting.

Posted by vanderleun at January 23, 2010 9:20 AM

Frank P,
I understand the truth of your words. It makes me sad beyond belief. Just today, "The Battle of Britain" was on cable TV. What would those heroes who saved the United Kingdom think of what has happened to their once brave and heroic nation?

I hope we learn. There is still time, though the hour is late.

Posted by David at January 23, 2010 3:48 PM

The guys and gals of WW2 would probably be turning
some guns on todays government, and looking for
lots of tar, feathers, and rope.

Posted by maggiew at January 23, 2010 6:20 PM