Who Said "Washington is Just Hollywood for Ugly People"

Hope he's a better candidate than his ad would suggest. "Vote January 19!" Um... for whom? There's a Kennedy on the ballot. You might want to put your name in the ad more than once.

Posted by Western Chauvinist at January 5, 2010 3:55 PM

Yeah, they should have ended it with the guy's name.

I don't think they'll have "The telegenic guy with the cute daughters" on the ballot.

Posted by Mumblix Grumph at January 5, 2010 7:26 PM

Hey one's a guy and the others a bitch. How hard can it be?

Posted by vanderleun at January 5, 2010 7:40 PM

As a valued member of Team O, I don't think it wise for me to comment on the upcoming special election. But, if people like Scott Brown get elected, and maybe move into the White House some day, what will be the point of my reflections?

I'm just asking.


Posted by MOTUS at January 6, 2010 6:21 PM

Well, some are held over from previous administrations. If you don't catch a look that shatters glass your reflections could get prettier.

Posted by vanderleun at January 6, 2010 6:27 PM