Golden Age Government Comic Books: Social Security


On the other hand - I wonder if they've made any recent comic books to help my brainiac husband wade through the maze of Medicare choices.

( That poster entitled "Join The March . ." is creepy. The artist ages people by giving them all a Liberace smile bracketed by the same deep furrows)

Posted by Cathy at September 7, 2009 8:13 PM

I certainly agree about the uniform smiles on the poster. That uniformity, all looking the same direction and ordered, almost marching, was typical of WW2 era illustrations.

Comics, or should I say illustrated texts, are a great way to present material. They were more widely used in countries where literacy is low. Often to explain voting procedures.

I vaguely remember a comic book about sexually transmitted diseases and condom use. Donald Duck or a close facsimile was explaining matters to the readers.

They were handing the booklet out on sidewalks as women passed by. (perhaps they thought it was hopeless to change the men.)

That was about 40 years ago just like the art shown here. I can't even remember where it was, probably Mexico City, but maybe another capitol city in S.A.

Posted by K at September 7, 2009 11:16 PM