October 9, 2009

Bookworm Room: An Evolving Reaction with Updates Galore

The always interesting Bookworm Room today is a case study in how a reaction to news evolves in the Blogsphere. There the first raw WTF!? to the news of the Nobel Peace Prize and then a chain of further thoughts as more information comes in.

The updates Bookworm has been posting today are a map to a mind engaged with the news and looking for a greater understanding.

Bookworm Room » Obama wins the Peace Prize *UPDATED -- FREQUENTLY*
First reaction:
I've decided that this is a preemptive prize, because the Committee looked ahead to the insane nuclear winter and global Muslim/non-Muslim war Obama’s fecklessness is bringing into being and they knew:  he makes a desert, and calls it peace.  Since the Committee can confidently expect that, once Obama does what he does best, there will be no more prizes, now was the time for a preemptive award.
Then the Updates begin.

Update 1:

He is the change that anti-American Europe has been waiting for.

Update 2:

Europe recognizes him as the emasculator of America, which in itself is sufficient, to their stunted minds, to mean world peace.

Update 3:

This is the “Messiah-Lite” program, which in itself is an outrageously creepy idea.

Update 4:

Obama fully agrees with the Europeans. He too believes that, just by being Obama, he has conferred some sort of celestial blessing on the world.

Update 5:

It seems that it’s unconstitutional for him to accept. Although, the Constitution hasn’t stopped Obama before, so why should it stop him now?

Update 6:

Given Obama’s failures, his goals and his limited number of actions, what’s really interesting is the type of peace the Committee envisions. Recall that just the other day, the Obama administration cut funding to a group the monitors human rights in Iran. This reminds us that peace isn’t always lion sleeping with the lamb, which is what most people envision. To the Left, peace simply means the world under the thumb of a strong man — or, in the post Obama world, under the thumb of a strong religion.

Posted by Vanderleun at October 9, 2009 11:34 AM
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Funny -- I got into a big flamewar on Facebook for merely *questioning* if it was appropriate to give such an award to a man barely two weeks' in office (remember, Nobel Prize ballots had to be postmarked by Feb. 1.)

And my opponents, mind you, were hipster/counterculture types you would *think* might be suspicious of *any* politician mouthing bromides. I suppose that when one throws G-d out of one's life, the urge to hold something, *anything* sacred and beyond reproach is as strong as ever. From my perch, it usually seems to be directed towards either political personalities/ideologies, or sexual license. Here in the wacky SF Bay Area, it's often a *combination* of these.

Posted by: Aquila at October 9, 2009 1:58 PM

This is bizarro world. Wouldn't surprise me now to see a weekly 'reality' show... like the Osbourne's... except obama's clan instead of Ozzie's.

Posted by: kcpopps at October 9, 2009 6:03 PM