June 22, 2004

Soon Even Beheading the Innocent Will Seem Like A Normal News Cycle

"Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide." -- Robinson Jeffers

HAVING FOUND A SURE THING FOR GETTING THEMSELVES SOME ATTENTION, ISLAMIC SLIME continues to repeat itself: Militants Decapitate South Korean Hostage in Iraq

"We warned you and you ignored it," one of the men said. "Enough lies. Your army is not here for the sake of Iraqis but for the sake of cursed America."

A spokesman for the television network said the tape went on to show one of the men cutting off Kim's head with a knife.

Hours after Kim's body was found, the U.S. military launched its second airstrike in four days against suspected safe houses for Zarqawi's network in Falluja. The attack destroyed a garage and killed four people, locals said.

"Killed four people...." That's nothing to the inhabitants of Fallujah. Nothing at all. Wouldn't get their attention if air strikes killed four a day for a year. It just isn't enough of a shock to the noble inhabitants of that fabulous vacation paradise.

Since it does not seem as if the current administration has enough focus and courage to visit some extreme solutions on Fallujah and other outposts of swine throughout the region, perhaps the Koreans themselves can come up something.

But no. They will not. Instead it will be more of the same for many more weeks and months. The act will be called 'barbaric' and the nations concerned will state that they 'will not negotiate' with terrorists. 'Justice will be sought.' But, really, so what? So what?

The terrorists do not and never had expected to have any negotiations take place. All they expect is for their captive to die and for the media of the world to run their snuff tapes and for the ghouls of the world to search the web for them and... and.... and so it goes.

At some point, after an unknown number of innocent people have been killed in a public and barbaric manner, the Islamites involved will find their limit.

On that day, those people and, alas, tens of thousands of their neighbors -- who may or may not have known, who they were and what they were about will probably be reduced to ash. Perhaps a demonstation of death on a wholesale scale will sate the lust for death that seems to have latched onto the soul of the middle east.

Until then, heads will continue to roll. And the cameras will roll on in their coverage. And our heads of state will roll out their platitudes. It is all just a period in which the lives of the innocent will continue to be squandered.

But the middle-east and Islam has been running up a very big butcher's bill over the last few decades. Soon it will come due. Payable. In full.

Posted by Vanderleun at June 22, 2004 2:25 PM
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Send Albright and Reno over there to square them away.

Posted by: Walter E. Wallis at June 22, 2004 7:32 PM