January 21, 2008

IT CAN HAPPEN HERE. It just has. The bullshit of Canada's "Human Rights" Commission seems to have leaked down into Minnesota. New St. Cloud human rights office to focus on discrimination "The new human rights office will have the power to enforce Minnesota's human rights law and reach out to the public. Four Minnesota cities now have the power to investigate human rights violations, including Duluth, Minneapolis and St. Paul."

TASK FORCE ODIN "A hundred-man Army unit is using an array of drones, manned surveillance planes, helicopters, and video downlinks" and may have killed 2,400 bomb-planters and captured 141 more.

FREE download from Dartman's World Of Wonde Pete Townshend singing his 1982 hit, "Face Dances Part 2".

KEEP THOSE cards and letters coming for Ask Golden Age Wonder Woman Golden Age Wonder Woman is a Doctor of Philosophy, professional advice columnist, and Super-Heroine of note. Her column, "Ask Golden Age Wonder Woman" is syndicated in over 350 newspapers nationwide.

NEO ponders the deeper meaning of The decline of the $400 purse -- and the streetwalker

WHOLE FOODS: "Why pay less?" Whole Foods CEO lays out the 'Future of Food'

O CANADA: Gay Canadians pissed at Health Canada's gay blood and organ ban "While there has been a long ban against gay blood already imposed, it has been only within the last month has Health Canada has applied an additional ban on gay organs."

PORRETTO'S Modest Proposal: "To wipe out a species of animal, one doesn't heft a rifle and go out killing them one by one; one attacks the species's habitat: its ecological niche."

SIMPLE DOLLAR reveals The One Month Coupon Strategy: A Really Clever Way to Make Coupons Worthwhile

ORIGIN of the cup holder Modern Mechanix Snack Tray for Car Hangs From Dashboard November, 1950

GREEN PRAYER: 'The scientists have spoken', says one British-based campaign group, in an updated version of the religious phrase: 'This is the Word of the Lord.' -- The tyranny of science | spiked

SWASHBUCKLER vs the Skank of the New York Times: Toppling the Times: Rupert Takes On Pinch

WAR? What War? "Suddenly, we were winning the war that was lost, and you could hear a pin drop in the abandoned echo chamber of war coverage."

SIPPICAN SEZ: "The signal achievement of contemporary American cultural life is a profound, all-encompassing ingratitude. I'm not interested. Neither was Sister Rosetta Tharpe." Rocking video illustrates.

HISTORY IS BUNK: History as a Guide to the Presidential Primaries? "When it comes to the presidential primaries, there's simply not a whole lot to learn from history."

NEO: A mind is a difficult thing to change: (Part 7A: Jenin, Jenin) "The process [of change] was like doing a jigsaw puzzle. At first I only had a few pieces in my hands, and no real way to tell what the picture was going to look like..."

SAME FACTS, different agendas: The Associated Press reports: Israel launches advanced spy satellite The AFP reports: India launches Israeli satellite in boost to space business

Posted by Vanderleun at January 21, 2008 8:49 AM
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