June 10, 2016

Russia's America Killer: The coming deployment of the Sarmat ICBM


Okay, the primary election break is over. Everyone back on their heads.

I note that while the Obamaesque United States is consumed with 1) choosing between a billionaire reality star and a shop-worn harridan with a brain tumor, and 2) the burning issue of where .00003% of its citizens shall go to the bathroom, Putinesque Russia has been busy perfecting Sarmat, aka "Son of Satan."

Pleasant dreams....


The Sarmat is nothing short of amazing.

It will be capable of carrying 10-15 MIRVed warheads which will be delivered in a so-called “depressed” (suborbital) trajectory and which will remain maneuverable at hypersonic speeds. The missile will not have to use the typical trajectory over the North Pole but will be capable of reaching any target anywhere on the planet from any trajectory. All these elements combined will make the Sarmat itself and its warheads completely impossible to intercept.


The Sarmat will also be capable of delivering conventional Iu-71 hypersonic warheads capable of a “kinetic strike” which could be used to strike a fortified enemy target in a non-nuclear conflict. This will be made possible by the amazing accuracy of the Sarmat’s warheads which, courtesy of a recent Russian leak, we now know have a CEP of 10 meters. [Hypersonic Warheads: ]

The Sarmat’s silos will be protected by a unique “active protection measures” which will include 100 guns capable of firing a “metallic cloud” of forty thousand 30mm “bullets” to an altitude of up to 6km. The Russians are also planning to protect the Sarmat with their new S-500 air defense systems. Finally, the Sarmat’s preparation to start time will be under 60 seconds thanks a a highly automated launch system. What this all means is that the Sarmat missile will be invulnerable in its silo, during its flight and on re-entry in the lower parts of the atmosphere. How Russia is preparing for WWIII - The Unz Review

Russia poised to unleash 'Son of Satan' ICBM:

Hello RS-28 Sarmat, goodbye Texas. The first tests of the RS-28 will take place at Plesetsk cosmodrome sometime in the summer. When it enters service in 2018, the new ICBM will occupy the same silos currently housing the R-36M2, although the facilities will require modification to accommodate the Son of Satan.

The missile will be equipped with a MIRVed combination of a dozen heavy warheads, each individually steerable during reentry. MIRV is an acronym for a multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle.

Sarmat warheads will have an array of advanced antimissile countermeasures meant to penetrate the US ABM shield. Speculation is rife that they would have a conventional hypersonic version like the US's Advanced Hypersonic Weapon or the Chinese WU-14 and could be used as a precision intercontinental weapon in a non-nuclear conflict.

As for advanced defensive systems, there this:

Container War

Concern Agat, Russia. Club-K Container Missile System The Russian 3M-54 missile system

How Russia is preparing for WWIII |

Russians are very afraid of war and they will go out of their way to avoid it. But they are also ready for war. This is a uniquely Russian cultural feature which the West has misread an innumerable number of time over the past 1000 years or so. Over and over again have the Europeans attacked Russia only to find themselves into a fight they would never have imagined, even in their worst nightmares. This is why the Russians like to say that “Russia never starts wars, she only ends them”.
There is a profound cultural chasm between how the West views warfare and how the Russians do. In the West, warfare is, really, “the continuation of politics by other means”. For Russians, it is a ruthless struggle for survival. Just look at generals in the West: they are polished and well mannered managers much more similar to corporate executives than with, say, Mafia bosses. Take a look at Russian generals (for example, watch the Victory Day parade in Moscow). In comparison to their western colleagues they look almost brutish, because first and foremost they are ruthless and calculating killers. I don’t mean that in a negative way – they often are individually very honorable and even kind men, and like every good commander, they care for their men and love their country. But the business they are in in not the continuation of politics by other means, the business they are in is survival. At all costs.

Meanwhile, back in the USSA: Tomorrow Never Comes: Neglecting the Nuclear Force

In 2014, following several high-level embarrassments, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel ordered two enterprise-level reviews of nuclear forces. Remarking on their findings, Hagel said, “The internal and external reviews I ordered show that a consistent lack of investment and support for our nuclear forces —over far too many years — has left us with too little margin to cope with mounting stresses.” Until now, documented problems with America’s nuclear enterprise have focused primarily on personnel issues— a lack of focus by the missile crews, pilots, technicians, or the leaders of those charged with handling America’s most powerful weapons. However, the persistent lack of investment in the nuclear enterprise suggests that the reasons for lapsed focus are actually structural, and thus require structural solutions.

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Well, hey. Don't think that the Best And The Brightest at The Pentagon are asleep at the switch. We've been pouring scads of taxpayer dollars into creating the greatest gender-neutral toilets and pronouns on God's Green Earth!

Posted by: Mumblix_Grumph at June 10, 2016 5:53 AM

Yup, so glad we on the Right couldn’t bother to get to the polls and elect the guy who warned us about Russia –



Sleep tight a$$clowns.

Posted by: tim at June 10, 2016 8:14 AM

What are you, a war monger? All you want is warry war war, you war mongery war monger.

Oh, wait. Here is my assessment of some of the quotes and text this article. The continuation of politics by other means is Clausewitz's theory, which is the best working model we've ever had and has not been outmoded or replaced. Von Clausewitz fought for the Russians. Game. Point.

Most of the old info on Russia is a defensive bear is BS. They are starting a war right now. There. I proved that one wrong.

BTW, I saw Russia's big port facilities with my own eyes. They aren't a clean and organized facility like the cartoon video shows. They are a mess of salvage and decrepit docks. They also still suffer from their age-old problem of inferior access to the sea, so container war is not as thrilling for them as this all sounds.

Look. Russia is revaunching the Crimean War. Now, begin your thinking based on that. They are piss poor warriors and history shows it. Name 3 maneuver victories of the Russian army. No Googling allowed.

Nukes are, in one sense, a hedge over conventional warfare. If things go bad, the red button is always there as a bluff.

Cut the deck, gentlemen. Now, deal the cards.

Posted by: Casey Klahn at June 10, 2016 10:28 AM

They could be armed with rubber band guns...

we have Obama.

Posted by: John The River at June 10, 2016 12:04 PM

The stakes are really to high to even play the game.

Posted by: u.k(us) at June 10, 2016 1:25 PM

Really hate to poop on the concept of "High Tech Russia" as a first world military power, but I remember when Russian tanks (a lower tech weapon made in a simpler time, requiring less sophisticated manufacturing)were vaunted as world beaters against every Allied tank produced. Only problem with them was you needed a monkey wrench to steer them and their auto-loaders in the turret had a nasty habit of wrenching the testicles from the gunner, instead of loading the gun.

And how many remember that when the Russkies show up at air shows with their latest phenom jets, they are Potemkin village models, one of a kind, while the actual production fighting models rust away at home base, using a much lower set of technology and metallurgy.....

Posted by: Old Codger at June 12, 2016 4:10 PM