August 20, 2003

The Killing Father of Two

Right to left: Koran, Insect Mind, Automatic Weapon

Try to imagine, if for only a moment, the insect mindset that gibbers and crawls behind the smiling and proud face above. He's getting ready to "live the dream," to 'Just Do It,' to launch himself on "a mission from God." His calling? To strap on a belt of explosives, kiss his two children on the forehead, bid his wife goodbye, and head downtown to kill Jews. Men, women, children, infants, babes in the womb .. it is all grist to the chittering insect soul of this man and his supporters and compatriots. Who is he? Why he is a "a man of God", an exponent of the religion of submission and peace. He is the father of two children, but that doesn't stop him from viewing other chidren as just so many vermin to be exterminated.

Mask, a 29-year-old imam from the West Bank city of Hebron, blew himself up aboard a Jerusalem bus on Tuesday, killing 18 people, including five children, in an attack claimed by the Islamic militant group Hamas.

He left a wife and two children, as well as an unfinished doctorate in Islamic law.

His wife, news reports say, was pleased he had at last fulfilled his dream of martyrdom. Ah,the Occupied Mind of the Good Islamic Wife.

Belsen, Dachau, the Gulag, the Killing Fields, the Towers, Jerusalem -- they all attracted and employed men like this; men happy in their work and proud, damned proud, to be killing. They and their masters have always been the same and the only answer to their ambitions has always, in the end, been the same. These are people with whom negotiations are futile; who live only for the death of Israel and the Jews. This is their only goal. All their protestations and excuses are merely ploys to gain time and arms in order to make their ultimate extermination of their enemies complete.

And people like this are said to be "owed" a state of their own?. Really? Where? Is there a Hell deep enough for those whose conception of God's work is this?
Perhaps, on some near or distant day, when "the Road Map for Peace" has been chucked into the dumpster of history, Israel can feel free at last to seek out every individual who harbors the "dream of martyrdom" and make their dream come true.

Posted by Vanderleun at August 20, 2003 10:15 AM
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