December 16, 2004

25 More Reasons to Read the Blogosphere

Well, I imagine if you've gone so far as to name yourself "Project Censored" you need to find things that have been, in fact, censored. Hence this year's linked list Project Censored 2005 - Top 25 Censored Stories.

I went to the link with keen anticipation. Here, at last, would be all those stories that I hadn't heard about because of, well, censorship. Censorship, as we all know, is a massive problem in today's multi-mediaverse. So many things just never, ever, see the light of day.

But none of those things, whatever they may be, seemed to make the Year's Most Censored List at Project Censored. Of all the 25 items listed, there was not one I had not read about in some detail, as it unfolded, at some site across the Blogosphere.

Here's the first 10 listed. See how many ring a bell with you.

Offhand, I'd say each and every one of these "censorsed" news stories has been beaten down beneath the bedrock like the proverbial dead equine.

I probably missed the censorship of the "Water is wet" expose and the carefully expunged tale about how "Bush Lied." I'm sure both will be censored again next year. But I only know what I read.

Posted by Vanderleun at December 16, 2004 12:16 PM
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I read this post three times. I read it and I read it and I reread it. I dont understand it. Suffice it to say this, I dont understand the need, reason, or rational to do posts and lists such as these.

The election has ended. We cannot deal with the President America may have wanted, we must deal with the one that they elected. And all the repugnant jokes in the world arent going to change the occurences of November 2nd and 3rd.

On a personal note, please visit the home of my organization Republicans and Democrats for Positive and Issue Oriented Politics ( We have launched our Revolution ’06 campaign, so please feel free to visit, sign up, read stories, from 150 newspapers daily, and correspond on our blog as well.

Posted by: Raymond Smalley at December 20, 2004 8:43 PM

You stop, I note, just short of the very best. The #11 "Censored Story of 2004":

#11: The Media Can Legally Lie

Some things are just too good to make up.

(Is it my imagination, or did Project Censored used to actually come up with stories that were under-covered in mass media? I don't think they ever actually came up with stories that had been censored, but I suppose we must allow for the marketing appeal of a catchy organizational name. Still, they used to be useful.)

Posted by: jaed at December 21, 2004 10:14 AM