March 30, 2004

MSM Consortium Announces Don Henley Benefit Concert in PINELLAS PARK

"Is the head dead yet?"

RECOGNIZING THE INTENSE suffering and deprivation the Terri Schiavo Death Watch assignment has brought to hundreds of reporters, cameramen, and assorted support staff, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and Fox News announced today the rock star Don Henley will play a benefit for Pinellas Media workers. "With the falling ratings as Mrs.Schiavo failed to die," a MSM spokesman said this morning, "we're looking for ways to boost morale among those of us who were forced, by America's Right-To-Know, to be away from their families over Easter."

The concert will be recorded and a the DVD, "Privation in Pinellas," will be sold with all proceeds to go to the charity, Television Reporters With No Second Homes.

Although a set list for the concert was not available, Mr. Henley confirmed via telephone that he'll be kicking the show off with his hit-song, Dirty Laundry. "I've played for this set before," Henley said. "They're a tough crowd and ask tough questions, but for some reason Dirty Laundry really gets them out from behind the mike and bouncing on the butts down on the dance floor."

We got the bubbleheaded bleach-blonde, comes on at 5.
She can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye.
It's interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry.

Can we film the operation? Is the head dead yet?
You know the boys in the newsroom got a running bet.
Get the widow on the set, we need dirty laundry

[Suggestion by Dan from Mosquito Rodeo]

Posted by Vanderleun at March 30, 2004 9:31 AM
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Funny, this song was *seriously* running through my head all last week because of the Schiavo case. I googled the line "is the head dead yet" and this page came to the top. LOL I see I'm not the only warped person on the planet!

Posted by: Jeff at April 1, 2005 7:38 AM