July 28, 2003


It's not nice to mess with memories... as Susan Clancy discovers in "A Bad Trip Down Memory Lane" by BRUCE GRIERSON in the Sunday Times Magazine.
The "mystique of mirrors" is reflected upon in Mark Pendergrast's book Mirror, Mirror in the Chronicle Book Review: "...how could he be sure that Kelley wasn't actually conjuring with the devil when the specter in the glass ordered the two men to swap wives for the night?" Which makes us think that that particular mirror was simply a few centuries ahead of its time.
"We have to honor those who had “political misgivings,” because dissent is a virtue too pure to be stained by truth. Nevermind that the end result of those “political misgivings” would have been another generation of Afghan daughters beaten with bats for winking at a cute guy. Those “political misgivings” would have assured that any young Afghan woman who stepped outside her house and asked to be educated would be whipped with 2 X 4s by the Committee for Flaming Theocracy Gynophobe Committee.

But that can’t be said. People who were wrong for the right reasons will always get a pass."
-- James Lileks
Stating the Obvious: "Stop and think, if in 2001, or in 2000, or in 1999, we had gone to war in Afghanistan to deal with Osama bin Laden, and we had tried to say it's because he's planning to kill 3,000 people in New York, people would have said, you don't have any proof of that" - Paul Wolfowitz
Get Me Rewrite! HEADLINES nobody saw coming: "Crime down, but prison costs up" - San Francisco Chronicle. "US troops in Iraq 'are terrorist magnet'" - UK Guardian. "Protestors target global trade talks" - BBC NEWS "Arab Stations Reject U.S. Criticism They Are Biased" - Reuters

Posted by Vanderleun at July 28, 2003 11:10 AM
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The quote from Lileks is fuckign brilliant, isn't it? He deserves all the praise he gets... But the funny thing is, outside the blogosphere, most people I have met have never heard of him. Wonder when that will change. Or if.

Posted by: RLS at July 28, 2003 3:33 PM