December 6, 2015

Notes from the Underground 13


Pluto's Layered Craters and Icy Plains In this highest-resolution image from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, great blocks of Pluto’s water-ice crust appear jammed together in the informally named al-Idrisi mountains.

Some mountain sides appear coated in dark material, while other sides are bright. Several sheer faces appear to show crustal layering, perhaps related to the layers seen in some of Pluto’s crater walls. Other materials appear crushed between the mountains, as if these great blocks of water ice, some standing as much as 1.5 miles high, were jostled back and forth. The mountains end abruptly at the shoreline of the informally named Sputnik Planum, where the soft, nitrogen-rich ices of the plain form a nearly level surface, broken only by the fine trace work of striking, cellular boundaries and the textured surface of the plain’s ices (which is possibly related to sunlight-driven ice sublimation). This view is about 50 miles wide.

The War on White | The Z Blog
Since Obama was elected, the prophesies have said white racist America will try to take him out. Normal people may joke about The Backlash™, but to the Cult, it is real and they truly fear it.In order to keep the coalition of weirdos and deviants pulling the Progressive wagon, the Cult is declaring war on white people and their guns. In other words, they are preempting The Backlash™ by apply extra helpings of The Frontlash™ by declaring gun ownership immoral. It remains to be seen whether they are prepared to go to war over it, but religious fanatics trying to immanentize the eschaton are not known for their restraint.


What’s Really Behind the San Bernardino Shooting: Paternity Leave
When I was in Paris after the recent massacre there, locals told me that they hate America and that the Jews are to blame for the shootings. They were angry about globalization and said seeing cheeseburgers for sale was a sign they were losing French culture. American foreign policy and our love of Israel had created so much tension around the world, it was literally causing gun explosions all over Paris. One thing few Parisians I spoke to seemed to want to blame was the most obvious culprit in this equation: guns. Though they have fairly good gun laws in Paris, it’s still too easy to be armed there and the solution is obviously more government regulation.

Obama regime's indifference to jihad
This is an observed fact. Then they say, if they survive, that Islam made them do it, and justify their murders on the basis of Islam. Imagine if Germans or whiter people woke up from their peaceful lives, donned “assault uniforms”, armed themselves, carried out massacres, shouted Heil Hitler and died with swastikas on their arms. And this scene was repeated across the world by all sorts of converts to National Socialism from races and ethnicities from the Philippines to Tangier to San Francisco, from Murmansk to Cape Town.

Indignation (Righteous or Otherwise)

With a little effort I can work myself up into a fury of indignation about most things, but strangely enough not about climate change. The whole subject bores me because I can’t really make the whole of the planet the object of my affection or concern. I wish it no harm, of course, but I cannot say that I love it, any more than I love the oxygen and nitrogen in the air. I don’t want the jungles to be cut down or the glaciers to melt, but that is mainly for aesthetic reasons, and I wouldn’t want it even if the other effects were wholly beneficial to Mankind.

From The People's Cube - Political Humor & Satire....



The Media Will Hide The Decline - Social Matter
Why are state revenues not enough, if this is year six of the economic recovery? If unemployment is at generational lows, why are income taxes not rising to match this job growth? Obama’s recovery is laid bare by this omission. The federal gas tax is described as not growing fast enough since Americans drive more fuel efficient cars compared to 1993. But that issue was not a problem for fifteen years, as Americans continued to drive more and more miles to make up for that efficiency (note the five-year lull in mileage during the Obama era). How could Americans be driving more fuel efficient cars if the Times is always criticizing American truck and SUV culture? The holes in the Times story are frequent and large. There is no recovery, and the states are struggling due to stalled revenues and expanded social service expenditures.

Introducing the aftershave that makes you smell like horse sweat and faecesT

ranslated, literally, as ‘skin of the beast’, Peau De Bête aims to capture, of all things, the animalic smell of horse sweat. The press blurb, with descriptions of hands brushing against hot, still damp horse necks, is positively Equus. “A hot, enveloping and sensual fragrance through its fusion of animal and human,” it says. Imagine riding through the forest, bareback, possibly butt naked and you’re three quarters there.


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The ultimate all terrain vehicle: American Horse

Posted by: ghostsniper at December 7, 2015 4:49 AM

The only good thing you can do with a horse is eat it

Posted by: bgarrett at December 7, 2015 5:29 AM

Having been birthed in '31, I've spent some time around work horses. The farm we spent summers on pre-WW2 was horse-powered. No tractors. The milkman drove a horse. The ice cream man drove a horse. Cops rode horses. The garbage men drove horses. Everything stunk like a horse, even your bed clothes, because we didn't take that many baths back then, and a shower was light rainfall.

Posted by: BillH at December 7, 2015 7:21 AM

Having been raised on a farm I can say that horses smell better than arabs, camels, and billy goats.

Posted by: Terry at December 7, 2015 8:58 AM