November 21, 2008

What If Black Politics Was a Fiction?

A good question without any easy -- or quick -- answers.

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"There is no black intellectual future. Black intellect serves at the foot of an old master, whose imperative was 'race raising' which in the end is a futile if not tyrannical exercise for any man. Alas we must deal with greater struggles.
"On the way there, I think there is some baggage which I must disabuse myself of, some of which has been useful, others not. I look at my own bookshelf and wonder if there is anything there that gave me any insight as to the size of my intellectual prison of the Left. What instinct in me caused me to distrust finally what I had figured was good for my black soul. In many ways, I am just as speechless as any black man on the other side of the aisle. We have a black president in America and Franz Fanon had nothing to do with it. So why did I waste my time learning Franz Fanon?" -- Cobb: Casting Off Radical Ideas
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