April 10, 2005


I WILL BE ON RETREAT for eight to ten days, so there won't be any new entries during that time. If you'd like, here's a selection of essays from my archives that seem, at least to me, to have some value beyond the moment they were written. Almost all of what I write here and publish here is a first draft so they will have all the flaws commonly found in such essays. This is not, I hasten to add, a digest of the Digest. Only things selected on the run from the archives -- which are, to say the least, chaotic:

A Creche by the Side of the Road
AIN'T IT COOL?: A Tale of Two Cultures
Blogger's Head Explodes
Building the Perfect Beast: What Is to Be Done in the Blogosphere
Climbout on Easter Sunday
Coin of the PC Realm
Free Prayers at the Beach
Frequently Answered Questions ®
Fun of Flying: Vacation Report
I will vote always for best, always: Conversations with Paul
It's A Smaller World After All... It's a Smaller, Smaller....
My Mother at Ninety
Notes Made on 11 September 2001
On Advent: "We Are All Lying in the Mud, but Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars"
On First Looking Out of NASA's Rover
Pieta for the 41st Photograph
Pre-Owned Jeans
Radical Roots: Friendly Enemies from My Back Pages
Red Like Ward = Black Like Me
School's Out
Small Fires on the Deep
The Age of Miracles and Wonders and Bunless Whoppers
The Ancient Virus
The Brand-Extension Blight
The Choice: Victory or Depravity
The Daughter That Disappeared
The Day We Killed John Lennon
THE HORROR, THE HORROR:The American Booksellers Convention
The Interface
The Law of the Blogger
The Legacy of the Long Peace
The Magic of Childhood
The Meeting
The Name in the Stone
The Passion of the Pope
The Quotable Sherlock Holmes
The Red Hot Halo: Scoring a Copy of "2"
The Wound
Thom Gunn 1929-2004
Waking at Dawn
What Good? No Good at All
Why Bleats and Blogs Matter
WHY WE ARE IN IRAQ :Military Bases a Requirement, Democracy an Elective

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I hope it's for fun amigo. Check yer mail.

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