December 25, 2003

Hanukkah Candles on Christmas Eve


Throughout the night, the cold loomed close,
And wrapped the house in shawls of frost.
Within, four candles gave us light,
And returned to us all that was lost.

Around us, all the village slept.
It's children safe, their breathing slow.
Four candles gleamed beside our tree,
Their flames burned long, burned low.

Then all fell silent round our house.
The snow shown blue, the shadows, slate.
One could almost hear the planet turn.
I stood alone beside our gate.

Behind me, those I loved slept warm,
Protected by the grace of God.
Before me lay our village streets,
And all the roads that we have trod.

The hour was late, the morning near,
Within our house the fire was bright,
But still I walked on gleaming snow
To pray for greater light.

As a child I lived in dreams of stars,
Of peace on Earth -- life's golden seal--
And this night seemed, of all the nights,
The one when all such dreams were real.

Tonight I know this is not so.
The world is not as we would wish,
But as we make it, day by day,
And this, the mystery and the gift.

The candles tell us of this gift.
The stars reflect them high above.
The gift is given to us again,
That we remember how to love.

[We'll be on Haitus for a week or so. God bless you all, everyone.]

Posted by Vanderleun at December 25, 2003 2:32 PM
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