January 20, 2010



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Osama Bin Laden Trans

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Opening title sequence from Al Goldstein's notorious MIDNIGHT BLUE, the scandalous tv show which ran from 1975 until 2003 on Manhattan cable tv

More and more, the prime time offerings on MSNBC remind me of Screw publisher Al Goldstein's cable offering Midnight Blue, but without the sex. Belmont Club » No, leave it on

I think there was a time when Keith Olbermann would have been glad to get a rise out of people. It would demonstrate his importance in a roundabout way. But listening to him now is just sad.

There was a time not so long ago when I would have taken the words of someone in a suit, seated behind a desk in front of a camera seriously. And despite the rant in “Network” that profession may have possessed a certain grandeur once. And now I feel the way one feels at seeing an old teacher, professor or authority figure sneak into a peep show. You feel both ashamed and betrayed. But mostly you feel sad; sad mostly for yourself and the loss of yet one more thing.

I wonder how much of TV was true and how much we made it true on the strength of our belief. We were held together in our innocence by a lie. Part of the reluctance to say goodbye to the authority of the gatekeepers lies in the fondness of that backward glance; and knowledge that we purchase truth at the cost of cynicism and farewell to the men we used to be.


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On Obama April 2008

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