September 19, 2003

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back to Outer Space

Slashdot | Principal Photography on Star Wars III Complete

An anonymous reader writes "Principal photography for Star Wars III ended yesterday, and they're starting up on the 18 month post-production.
In a related development,Waiting In Line For Star Wars: Episode Three Tickets
First in line on Olin Street is Matthew Serna, 25, one of the few people in line here who was alive--if barely--when Star Wars was released in May 1977. He arrived at the Century 22 Theater in San Jose on September 18, set up a folding chair, pitched a tent and made himself comfortable. By the time opening day rolls around next week, he will have been living on a 3-foot-square patch of sidewalk for 2 years. "It gets a little monotonous sometimes," admits Serna, whose wife stopped by this morning to spell him so he could go home and take a shower. "I've been playing Game Boy, reading books and stuff, but mostly talking to the other guys."

Posted by Van der Leun at September 19, 2003 11:15 AM
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