March 13, 2004

Apocalypse Afloat

Just a little poker cruise with the usual suspects.

Van der Leun (V.O.)
“I've been here six months now. Blogging and waiting for a junket, getting softer.

“Every minute I stay in this room I get weaker. And every minute Pundit posts again and gets stronger.

“Each time I look around the walls move in a little tighter.

“Everyone gets everything he wants.

“I wanted a junket, and for my sins they gave me one.

“Brought it up to me like room service. "

(Two Editors approach the American Digest office:)

"Van der Leun ? Are you in there ?"

Van der Leun

Van der Leun (v.o.)
"It was a real choice junket, and when it was
over, I'd never want another."

Van der Leun
"Whaddya want ?"

"Are you all right Captain ?"

Van der Leun
"How does it look like ?"

"Captain Van der Leun of Laguna Beach,
assigned SoCal BLOG ?"

Van der Leun
"Hey buddy, are you gonna shut the door ?"

"We have orders to escort you to the Holland America Cruise Ship Ryndam in San Diego."

Van der Leun
"What are the charges ?"

"Sir ?"

Van der Leun
"What'll it cost ?"

"There's no charges, Van der Leun. It is a junket. Full comp. You write about this leg of the World Poker Tour and it’s fat city for you for a week. You have orders to report to Cox.Net intelligence at Moss Point."

Van der Leun
"Does the Cruise Ship have an internet connection?"

"That’s classified. but I’m sure if you can get a connection you’ll use it. This blogging is the worst addiction I’ve ever seen. If not, you’ll just have to go cold turkey. Come on captain, you still have a few hours to get cleaned up.

Captain ?

Dave, give me a hand.

Come on captain, let's take a shower. We'll gonna take a shower, in we go ..."

We may or may not be blogging for a week. Have to cover this event, see. Here’s the link that tells the story: Poker On the High Seas

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