July 3, 2003

Midday American News Roundup

Officials Steer Clear of Deadly Fireworks Blast
FOX News - 2 hours ago
BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. Investigators were keeping their distance Thursday from the site of a fireworks blast that killed four people -- out of concern that not all of the $20,000 worth of explosives had detonated.

Said one member of the force, "Hey, you gotta watch out. That stuff could kill somebody."

'Bring 'Em On' Fetches Trouble
CBS News - 2 hours ago
"There are some who feel like that the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is bring them on."

Now you know, you just know that stuff like this will twist panties from one end of the Democratic Party to the next. The only answer is... Howard Dean. Humm, perhaps this is another Bush quote that's been Dowdified and taken wildly out of context. Perhaps he actually said, "There are some among the current Democratic Party pack of stone losers who feel like the conditions inside their own hallucinations are such that they think they can attack us on giving everybody in the United States free prescription drugs on demand. My answer is 'Don't give up your day jobs.' John Kerry? Howard Dean? Al Sharpton? Bring them on"

Unrest in Iraq Poses Political Threat to Bush
Hartford Courant - 4 hours ago
The swiftly decided military conflict boosted Bush's standing in polls and strengthened his reelection prospects. But the unsettled postwar situation looms as a potential long-term political threat for the ...

Tweet! Ten yards and loss of down for dribbling down the front of your word processor when writing the news. Nomination for thumbsucker of the week award to Ronald Brownstein for leading with the words "Peace in Iraq is proving more politically dangerous for President Bush than war." Really? We hadn't noticed, Ron. Thanks for the update.

US poised to deploy troops in civil war
Bremerton Sun - 3 hours ago
You gotta love that headline. First time used since 1861.

Judge relocates Malvo trial
Salt Lake Tribune - 7 hours ago
"WASHINGTON -- Citing concerns that pretrial publicity would make it impossible to select an impartial jury, a Virginia judge Wednesday ordered the Washington-area serial sniper murder trial of Lee Boyd Malvo moved 200 miles south to an ..."

200 miles or 200 light years will make no difference in this upcoming smash hit for Court TV. But it will be interesting to see the lawyers and the clueless judge endeavor to find 12 people who never heard of the sniper murders. Perhaps they can import some prisioners in from Guantanamo. They'll have been made citizens by a repentant State Department by then.

Terror Jitters Fuel Subway , Bridge Scare
Newsday - 3 hours ago
Two days before the nation's 227th birthday, terror jitters made a comeback yesterday as two unsettling events initiated by suspected pranksters triggered massive disruptions in lower Manhattan.

Judge: FDNY Cuts Legal
Newsday - 3 hours ago
A judge yesterday upheld the city's right to eliminate six firefighting units, which included the closing of three firehouses. "

Ah yes, the city of New York hard at work reducing the size of the fire department. Got to admire the new midget mayor's dedication to finishing what the Terrorists started.

"No Problem. We've Done This Thousands of Times:" Hacker contest a low threat
Miami Herald - 9 hours ago
A loosely defined Internet challenge daring participants to crash and deface 6,000 websites in six hours has drawn the notice of the Department of Homeland Security and information officers around the country, but the purported contest ...

US fireworks dimmed by budget woes
Forbes - 20 hours ago
CHICAGO (Reuters) - "There will be a little less "rockets' red glare" across the United States this Fourth of July, as some fireworks displays have been canceled or scaled back due to local government budget troubles."

In that case, the citizens of this country will just have to take matters into their own hands, er, stumps...

Dolly Parton Welcomes Injured Eagles to Natl. Zoo
WATE - 2 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) -- "Two bald eagles that previously called Tennessee home are now settling in at the National Zoo in Washington."

Dolly Parton? Sort of makes you wonder where these eagles are planning on building a nest.

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