September 9, 2003

Meet the New Puppet, Same as the Old Puppet

"Okay, I'm the good cop and you're the bad cop, right?"

In the eternal shuffle of Palestinian musical chairs, we will now be forced to endure yet another exercise in duplicity as Arafat's pick agrees to be new Palestinian premier. The new unfortunate lad designated as Arafat's beard will be one "Qureia."

Palestinian parliament speaker Ahmed Qureia agreed on Monday to become his people's new prime minister while insisting he cannot move forward on the U.S.-backed peace plan unless he gets more support from Washington than was given his predecessor.
That phrase "his people's new prime minister" has a rather special bouquet, don't you think? Haughty, a bit spicy and redolent of rich echoes of mendacity and hypocrisy. One the one hand, it is clear that "his people" have had their will expressed by the eternal Arafat alone. On the other, who among "his people" caught up in this reptilian thugocracy would dare to gainsay this appointment? Only those who relish being hanged in the streets of Gaza, and those are few and far between.
Qureia, 65, whose appointment must still be confirmed by Palestinian lawmakers, said he would not set himself up for failure, an apparent reference to outgoing Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, who resigned Saturday.

Abbas quit after losing a power struggle with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and failing to get the White House to put more pressure on Israel to follow through on peace plan provisions.

We note that there is no mention that he also failed to get the demented Hamas to cease killing Israeli civilians, but that seems to play no part in the news reports. Only his failure to induce Washington to pressure Israel to willing commit suicide seems to be a factor here.

Our admiration for Colin Powell's seemingly limitless appetite for listening to the limitless blather pumped out by the Arafat spin factory in order to give Hamas more time to kill more Israelis continues to grow. How can he bear it day after day? Our theory is that Powell must just take the phone call and then plug into his Ipod until the whole thing is over, muttering, 'Yes... of course you can... we'll see ... okay.... wake me when this guy's term is over.... Have a nice day."

Posted by Vanderleun at September 9, 2003 5:42 AM
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