December 16, 2013

Something Wonderful: James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti - It's a man's world...

James Brown performed with Pavarotti on May 28,2002 at a concert titled, "Pavarotti & Friends" benefiting the people of Angola. [HT: The Fat Man]

Posted by gerardvanderleun at December 16, 2013 8:20 PM
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The God-Father of Soul.

Posted by: Fat Man at December 16, 2013 9:26 PM

That was beautiful. I love the way James Brown sang the train; there's a skill in painting a picture with song that few musicians master. Maybe it's only done right by people who've been singing as long as he had, I don't know, but it was a little moment of transcendence. Thanks.

Posted by: Julie at December 17, 2013 5:27 AM

Magnifico! Fantastic lyrics. So good they should be banned!

Posted by: Jewel at December 17, 2013 8:53 AM

Gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.

Posted by: random coolzip at December 17, 2013 12:41 PM

I was showing a young girl how to sort vinyl albums in a vintage record shop. Among all the pop groups and singers of the 70s, we came across two albums of Luciano Pavarotti singing Christmas carols. "Those are classical," I said immediately. "They go at the back." "Now, how did you know that they were classical?" she asked. I was stunned. Like Chesterton said, sometimes a thing can be so enormously clear, it leaves you incapable of describing it. "It's... Pavarotti," I stammered. "You know... famous opera singer?" She'd never heard of him. I felt as one would feel if someone said, "Elvis Presley? Now, how do you know that that is classified under rock 'n roll?"

Posted by: Dr. Mabuse at December 17, 2013 1:37 PM