July 31, 2003

My Future Business Arrangement with Mrs. Charles Jewel Taylor of Liberia


Taylor's third wife, Jewel, is "a trained economist"... or so the sexed-up BBC tells me. Hard to credit given the below zero level of Liberia's economy under the Mr. and Mrs. Taylor regime, but there might be something in it.

Like you, I've spent endless weeks lately wondering how I, a mere mortal, can help the oppressed and unfairly criticized African despot and criminal Charles Taylor on to a happier and more fulfilling life. My answer came from his wife this morning.

Yes, Jewel Taylor is canny enough to ask for my help in her hour of trial. Her email tells me how I could help. The First Lady of Liberia writes:

I Beg You In With all sincerity and humility i am Jewel Taylor,the wife of the deposed President of Liberia, Fomer African colony of the United states Of America.
That the exalted she would write to the lowly me certainly got my attention. But her offer got me hot:
I write you this proposal based on the fact that i need your aid to relocate to a safe haven my husbands personal funds and effects namely 2kg weight of Diamond stones and 14 gold bars with $2.4 Million USD,all deposited in a safety deposit box in a financial institution which will be later disclosed to you upon your offer of acceptance.
Note to self: rent enlarged safe-deposit box at Bank of America in Laguna Beach right away!
The lives of myself and my children are at risk ever since my husband engaged himself in this rebel of a thing in my country which later saw him as the president of my country.
Ah, that "rebel of a thing" is always a hell of a thing. Well I know.
We have currently been offered political assylum in the Federal Republic Of Nigeria by its President,Olusegun Obasanjo,which will confine us to its shores for the rest of my lives.... What you may hear of my husband should you decide to verify may not be of a good report but he has learnt his lesson the hard way and what i do now i do for the sake of my two daughters and son whom i pray to God in order not for them to suffer for the sins of their Father.
It is true that I have heard things that "not of a good report" regarding the husband in this highly dysfunctional family -- but shouldn't I be able to put genocide, torture, civil war, and the destruction of an entire nation behind me in order to love the sinner and hate the sin... and pull a few diamonds and gold bars in?
I am prepared and willing to consider your price for aiding me in this matter and will welcome your conditions to the best of my abilities.
A harsher man would take advantage of this weakened negotiating position, but, being honorable, I will settle for 95% of the resale value of the gold and diamonds, Jewel. Just tell me how to make it happen.
Upon my arrival in Nigeria i will provide you with a phone line in which i can be reached as it is not possible for me to make long distance calls from my place of confinement except i do it a few blocks away if the necessary need arises.
Drat. No readily available phone. And no way to give her all the numbers of my bank accounts. Evidently she has to sneak out at night to a local laundromat, past the machine guns, and drop a few Liberian quarters in a pay phone. Hasn't she heard of 1-800-COLLECT?

this site
to see a picture of me:
I look forward to your prompt response.

Yours Sincerly, Jewel Taylor.

Dear Mrs. Taylor, Since you clearly have an Internet connection please respond in the comments box to this entry with the time and the place I can pick up the gold and diamonds. And don't worry, you secret and your riches are safe with me. Honest.

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Dear American Digest,

We have also been recieving emails from the Taylor family asking assistance in relocating their money. I was questioning how they recieved my email address and personal information. Please contact me if you have any more information as to the legality of their propositions or what needs to be done.

Thank you very much,
Ellen Calentine

Posted by: Ellen Calentine at October 5, 2003 8:47 AM

Dear American Digest,

I have been receiving email from John Richardson Garba asking for transfer of money as well. Please post any information about the validity and legality of this letter. Thank you.

And curiously, I have checked his name on the internet. He has been numerously and repeatedly indicated for a scam. How did these letters became a scam and how will they affect us if we replied to their mail? Are they all criminals?

Thank you again.


Posted by: Lisa at October 18, 2003 7:37 PM

Dear American Digest,

I received an e-mail today from Jewel Taylor
requesting assistance to transfer her money
into my account....she suggested she would
assist in opening a BodyTalk Clinic in the USA.
(BodyTalk is a holistic method of healing which
I currently practice). How she got my name and
e-mail address I do not know.

Thank you.

Sandra Wenrich

Posted by: Sandra Wenrich at July 8, 2005 3:48 PM

THIS IS A SCAM. I repeat...SCAM. I found this site because I received this specific letter today in my email as well. You probably know this already, but for those who dont,

It is a simple extension of what is popularly referred to as the 419 or Nigerian Email Scam. You send them negligable amounts of money in hopes of getting a huge sum at the end...

Only they always need more and more small amounts (small = 1K-20K, nothing compared to the millions you are always promised), to bribe officials, get documents, etc. It never ends until you wake up poor realizing FINALLY that you've been scammed.

More details at these websites (sorry I didn't see an option to edit as html so they're not linked, just copy & paste):




Do NOT give these people any money or personal information. Seriously, as a couple comments say above, why the heck would Jewel Taylor contact lil' ol' you anyway...EXACTLY.

Posted by: Jamie at May 18, 2006 7:39 AM

Dear American Digest,

Well I can See by what I have read here im not alone. I was in a chat room when I got a IM. and the same scam started.The name of the user that layed me to test was that of someone calling them self"joyfulnessfulfilnessinchrist" I am posting some of the talk here.
Thanks. Carl

i dont know you but i got your contact in yahoo chatroom i got your contact this very today that i finish my three days fasting and prayer over my late mum Heritage,and i am presently in nigeria to retrieve this fund from the safekeeping company and below is about me
My name is joy taylor the only child and daughter to Mrs Jewel Taylor the wife of former
Liberia president, Charles Taylor who is presently in custody of the United
Nations War Crime Tribunal in Sierra Leone after his attempt escape from his
exile/asylum home in the south eastern part of Nigeria (Calabar).
i am also 21 yrs, i gave my life to christ 4 yrs ago when i gained an admission into the university Before we
depart Liberia for exile/asylum the south eastern part of Nigeria (Calabar)
when President Taylor was in power, with the help of some Foreign businessmen, she was able to move only two trunk box
containing foreign currency totaling (USD 2.8) Million United States Dollars
cash with safekeeping company in nigeria.
joyfulnessfulfilnessinchrist: and if you agree to assist me, I will
go ahead to present you as the beneficiary of the funds with the documents in
my care. Then the funds will be in
your custody until my plan arrival to your country. For your kind
assistance a reasonable percentage will be assigned to you while you will
invest the remaning in any lucrative investment on my behalf. Recently Mrs
Jewel Taylor spoke to the security company that arrangements are being put in
place for the claim of the two trunk box deposited by her to the security company before the sad news of her sudden death over late dad arrest .
joyfulnessfulfilnessinchrist: Note: There is no risk involved in this transaction as I am involved as late mum next of skin
trusted confidant for the past years,so if you are realy interested in the business as mentioned,kindly send to me Your full name,Tel/Fax and your full address,so i can quickly furnish the security company head office here in nigeria where late mum deposited the trunk box before her sudden death
keep it as top secret and be prepared to invest part of this money
after completing my university in your country.
I await your urgent response.
joy taylor.
joyfulnessfulfilnessinchrist: BROTHER CAN U HELP ME?

All I can say "Dont be a fool"
Thanks again. Carl.

Posted by: Carl at May 25, 2007 11:41 PM

i receive a similar letter like others, is it possible? is it legal??

Posted by: egoro at August 15, 2007 2:23 PM


Posted by: B at February 4, 2008 7:50 AM